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  1. The fuel pressure is at the higher end when return line is closed but gets close to limit when boost pump is on. With return line open it sits about 3-4 and 5-6 with boost pump on
  2. The engine is 2018 so the pump is new and correct. The fuel pressure gauge is and old one direct reading though. Can’t really tell how accurate it is. It takes its pressure from Y fitting just before the 1/3 carb
  3. I tried a number of different size restrictors in return line starting with the recommended size but that back pressure pushed the fuel pressure too high, so I started increasing size incrementally until it was within limits. This ended up being quite a large bypass hole. Recommended factory return line restriction is 0.35mm mine is 1.5mm in order to keep fuel pressure in limits which is over four times the normal. On the up side, there is less chance of getting a blockage 🤔
  4. Actually I had a read again and I think you are right. I have to add another pin to the gauge plug. I was wondering if I just pigtail the power from the existing wires and you think I do 👍 I also am guessing that leaving it as single engine makes it subtract 👍 it means I can save a lot as a second cube is only about $250 I will try it out. I’ll let everyone know how it goes. thanks for the help 👍👍
  5. Mine is very accurate if I close return line off. It’s the fuel flow when return is open that it cant cope with. I would get a second transducer if I knew how to wire it into my gauge as it says you can (pin 8 but it’s not clear how to. it would be a lot cheaper to just get another transducer
  6. The k factor can’t go low enough to cater for the return.
  7. I see you listed your location as SE Qld. I'm guessing Caboolture/

    Also, I see you listed your aircraft as a Spitfire. Is that a scale spitty with the Rotax engine or is the Rotax in a different aircraft?

    Before you throw 1,300 bucks at that new gauge (if you haven't already) would you mind if I had a look and see what turns up?

    BTW, I'm based at Jacobs Well.

  8. I think I will sell it and install this https://www.scintex.com.au/products/engine-fuel-consumption-gauge-supply-return?_pos=30&_sid=a33b01d08&_ss=r
  9. I did try a few locations in the engine bay but now it is on the floor below the tank in cool non vibration area with straight hose before and after on cabin side of firewall. It’s a 912ULS. I could try a different return orifice which would bring fuel pressure higher but still in limits. If I adjust k factor for cruise rpm, wouldn’t that change with altitude as power drops off making the readings only accurate for where I set it at low altitude?
  10. Thanks I appreciate your response. I’ve tried that technique before though over a year or two. I tried various k factors to accommodate the return line but the fuel flow varied too much throughout the rev range. At the moment my fuel flow is say 20lph but total with return line is 53lph. This is with the return line orifice that gives the correct fuel pressure. I have also tried putting the transducer on one carb and doubling amount. Again, not accurate. I’m not sure what else to try. At the moment I can get accurate reading by manually shutting return off in flight.
  11. Does anyone have a diagram on how to wire a second “red cube” onto the FC-10 meter for the return line on a rotax. The instructions are too vague
  12. Hi, can anyone tell me if I am allowed to hire out my aircraft to someone for private hire as in they can use my aircraft but pay me an hourly rate for its use? (VH rego)
  13. The wing bug software only allows setting altimeter in inches. I have written to them and he said he should be able to put hectopscals in and will let me know. You should send a similar email as they are cutting themselves out of the austrAlain market and the more enquiring about it, the quicker they will fix it. I have a similar problem. Can’t put mounted instruments in without big expense (VH rego) and really old instrumentation. So I’m currently looking at the wing bug. BOM is the alternative. I think they are both great product. Wingbug a bit cheaper and doesn’t self charge but I would t
  14. I have single seat which I love as I enjoy the solitude of flying. It is rare I need to take a pax but I have a share in a two seater I can use if needed.
  15. Mine in my savannah used to do the same on a hot day. If CHT/water temps are ok (as well as oil temps) it should be fine. Detonation is the main concern but it is to a lesser extent on water cooled heads. Use as high an octane as you can (98) to help against detonation and monitor engine temps.
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