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  1. Hi, can anyone tell me if I am allowed to hire out my aircraft to someone for private hire as in they can use my aircraft but pay me an hourly rate for its use? (VH rego)
  2. The wing bug software only allows setting altimeter in inches. I have written to them and he said he should be able to put hectopscals in and will let me know. You should send a similar email as they are cutting themselves out of the austrAlain market and the more enquiring about it, the quicker they will fix it. I have a similar problem. Can’t put mounted instruments in without big expense (VH rego) and really old instrumentation. So I’m currently looking at the wing bug. BOM is the alternative. I think they are both great product. Wingbug a bit cheaper and doesn’t self charge but I would t
  3. I have single seat which I love as I enjoy the solitude of flying. It is rare I need to take a pax but I have a share in a two seater I can use if needed.
  4. Mine in my savannah used to do the same on a hot day. If CHT/water temps are ok (as well as oil temps) it should be fine. Detonation is the main concern but it is to a lesser extent on water cooled heads. Use as high an octane as you can (98) to help against detonation and monitor engine temps.
  5. Thanks. Yes I’m 19 rego owner/builder.
  6. Howdy, Can anyone Help me with this question? my VHF is in shop being repaired. I have an Icom portable that works well connected to my headsets and transmitting through the Aircraft external Antenna. Battery lasts over Six hours. is it permissible for me to use this set up in the interim while my built in is repaired? I can’t find any Raaus reference. Aircraft is Raaus rego. yes I will be flying in class D airspace.
  7. I had my exhausts coated in the highest heat resistance. I did it to keep heat down under cowl. It didn’t make a scrap of difference and I have had to wrap them again. If you are going for looks it’s good and will preserve the pipes but don’t bother if you are primarily going for heat reduction
  8. How do you account for the returned fuel which would be included in the fuel flow?
  9. I’m relocating a fuel flow (red cube) sender in my rotax. I think the current set up is too close to the fuel pump on rotax 912ULS and pulses are giving erroneous readings. So I’m lengthening the fuel hose so it has 6 inches of straight hose before and after it (as recommended) My return line has to be upstream of transducer (so I don’t have to buy two) but I’m wondering how far upstream is allowable. Not sure if by having a long length of hose between the return tee and the transducer would defeat the purpose of the return line and allow vapour lock as there would be a fair distance of hos
  10. Ok. Might have to put smaller oil cooler in. That will bring temps back down I think
  11. No wires are the same. With the bigger oil cooler the radiator has less area/airflow than it did
  12. Hello all, I have recently changed my oil cooler in new (150hours) rotax 912ULS as the temps were slightly high. Oil temps are now good but the CHT’s are higher than before (expected) due to positioning. my engine has the newer CHT limit of 120° my question is are these temps ok. Or should I be concerned and try to lower them? (°C) OAT CHT. OIL 17° 94° 88° (Cruise) 22° 100° 90° (high speed cruise) 20° 110° 105° (extended climb) my CHT temps used to be 70-90°
  13. Need more details. landing on grass? carrying too much speed on touchdown? where was touchdown? did they fade or fail? how long is runway? what is pilot skill level? is there grass on side of flightstip? Landing weight? headwind/tailwind. braked and non braked performance? etc etc with all the variables you have to make the call at the time.
  14. Empty is about 420kg. Will be something like that. I haven’t got all the details yet
  15. Yes it might lose 6 kts at 600kg. Not sure how to drop that much weight though, unless it’s simply restricted to that.
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