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Hi all, took me a while but here it is. So far I have been solo in Jab J160C at Sport Avation Academy. Took 18 days off work and due to weather only got 8 hrs flying done (who says it never rains in the wheat belt). On the up side theory tuition is 100%, and cross wind landings are the norm. Went back 6 weeks later (no RA Aus school within 700mn of Paraburdoo), only to have more weather issues but managed to go solo this time. Since it is hard to get away to Wylcathem I have been going to Karatha flying school and flying there 172, in hope it will keep me current. I have had 3 instructors so far and I couldnt say a bad word about any of them, Thanks Glen, Alexis and Johno. Cant wait to do more and if any one in the north west WA is keen to form a syndicate or hire there plane I would love to hear from you.



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