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Garmin 295 questions


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Thanks for previous assistance, everyone.


I have a Garmin 295 in my Auster.


Q1 Is there a way of updating the database for this older Garmin?


Q2 It comes with a serial port adapter for downloading flightplans from a computer. My laptop doesn't have a serial port but I have a serial-USb adaptor. Can I safely use the USB connection?


Many thanks in anticipation





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Guest Andys@coffs

Hi Kaz


I have a 295 and updated it with Garmin data about 18months ago (Its not that important to me now that I dont fly around the periphery of class C airspace any more) Anyway the point is that if you pay the $ Garmin will allow you to update the data.


Regarding the serial port, My main machine has a serial port and I used that to update the database, however I also use ozexplorer on a laptop with a USB to serial port adapter and that works Ok. However Im told that some adapters will work OK and others wont. I believe the cheaper ones use TTL voltage outputs rather than true RS232 voltages...not something the average person can determine easily.


So sorry no clearcut yes, just a probably yes





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