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Restaurant Review: With an Airstrip

Guest drizzt1978

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Guest drizzt1978

Well I am Sure some of you know about this one.


Lighthouse - Home


The Cafe is now a gourmet restaurant; Called Loam.


You can google Loam Restaurant for all the gossip. Be warned this is gourmet food, with gourmet prices!!! (But if you love food, with the same love as flying you will be ok!)


The way it works is they give you a list of food that is local and in season, quite often natural free range etc etc. You tell them what you like and they work to that, and or what you definitely don't like. Works very well, the food is presented in an artistic manner. They also have matched wine, (for the ones that are not PIC). I meet a bunch of people there and felt disappointed about the no drinking! But hey you cant beat landing outside the restaurant with all the diners watching! Quite the conversation starter.


The courses are small so they have something like 2 4 and 7 course meals, (7 course was about $90 or so a head, no alcohol from memory) You will need perhaps 4 hours or more to do 7 courses!!


You need to contact the owner of the strip, all details are on the web page. And as it is a private strip the owner is mind full of neighbours and his responsibilities etc etc,(Its very much a country strip, Gravel, the odd tree where you dont want it, and a slope here and there) so make sure you call and have a chat, I think he has a Sport Cruiser from memory?? Nice guy...


Any questions just give Loam A call.


The weather was beautiful, and it was less than 35 mins from Tooradin to Drysdale airstrip, Thanks to the trusty Texan Top Class! (Drysdale is on the VTC near Queenscliff)


Next time I go Im driving tho! The wine looked too good!


Have Fun!





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Great review - once I get my licence, it's something I'd try (have checked the place out by road, it's very close to where Mum lives in St Leonards).


Speaking of St Leonards, there's a strip there too (2 grass runways, roughly 10/28 and 18/36, each about 700m). Going by the fact it's in the centre of a NOTAM'd Restricted Area I presume they are using it to launch UAV's. It's not in any of the airfield guides, but I saw a contact number somewhere - anyone know it?



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