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Aero Pup Cooling ?


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I've been test flying a friends just built AeroPup and the cylinder temp sits around 405 and the oil temp sits on around 103 on 28 deg days. He's running a 2.2 Jab motor. We would like to hear from anyone who has had this problem and over come it on an Aeropup. (apples for apples). We've exposed the oil cooler to full frontal air by opening the cowl with no noticable improvement. If anyone has solved this problem we'd like to hear from you. It will save him a lot of experimenting and a few headaches........Cheers Frosty



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Hey Frosty, would you be able to get a few pictures of it? would make it a lot easier for us to help your friend with his problem. Cowls on and off.


How well is it sealed around the oil cooler? and at what angle does the air hit it? If it isn't sealed or has a spot around the cooler where the air flow can go, it will always take the easiest path, which isn't through the cooler most of the time, especially if it is on a large angle to the airflow.


Just a thought.



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Thank's for the offer of help Tomo, I flew Malcolm (the owner of the Aeropup) over to Pauls (alias, Curandero) and checked out his machine, got a few ideas and will try them. Pauls A/C is for sale if some one is looking for an Aeropup. It would save a lot of build time thus converting it to fly time. It will be at TEMORA if anyone is interested. He wants to step up. (He's short)


Cheers Frosty



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