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  1. Hi Phil Good to hear. Hope you have a good run with the prop. I'd like to hear feed back from someone out there using the new prop on a 120. Have to get back your way before I hang up my wings. Your flyin was a beauty. Frosty.
  2. Jetjr - I'm aware of all above and how Steve nearly lost the front of his plane testing the Bolly on the 2.2 engine. Some wood props are not suited for the 2.2 as they're too dense, heavy and don't flex enough to dampen out the pulsing. I would like to think Jabiru have taken all this into consideration with their composite for the 2.2 and I'm aware they've done many hours of testing. No mater what we stick our bum in we take it for granted the manufacturer have done their homework and the product is safe. We can only hope this is the case with the above mentioned prop. .....Frosty
  3. Some of you blokes worry me. To get on a forum and make statements about products which you've had no research involvement in and state it with such authority. Jabiru states the prop is not the same composition as Bolly for obvious reasons (pulsing) and they have done their research. The last thing any manufacturer wants is to fight a litigation case relating to a death due to the failure of their product. We must also be careful of conflict of interest information that some people hand out quite freely.....Frosty.
  4. Hi Scotty If there is room I'd like to be on it as well. Be good to catch up with like minded people an learn something as well. Frosty
  5. Having worked in production control some years back. Mercedes and Commodore, i can relate to that here in Australia and it apples to most western companies.
  6. Sorry for the late reply Kyle. Re aircraft kit to china. Spoke to the marketer of the Australian designed kit a/c last night. The deal to manufacture and market the a/c in China is done and dusted. Until they have built the a/c and start marketing they wish not to mention the the a/c, so I will abide by their request. As bexrbetter indicated, the Chinese are cashed up and are still prepared to fly the marketer and two others with experience on the type over and back, all expenses paid. I wish both parties the best of luck. I have no doubt that China will a dominant force in automotive
  7. I'll have to ask the manufacturer if its ok to say. He did tell me that they would be manufacturing them in china. That was about 10 months ago. I guess it's still go. I don't see the reason for secrecy but I'm not in his shoes.
  8. A week before Easter 2012 three Chinese were brought to Kadina on the pretence of looking at an a/c to buy. A friend of mine had built the kit a/c and it was pre arranged for myself to demonstrate the a/c which I did with one of them (David)who spoke little english but was a commercial pilot. He found out I had a Jab 120 and wanted to go up in that. Was wrapped in both. I was soon aware it was a evaluation exercise and they didn't come all the way from china to look at one a/c. One seemed to be the money man, one was an engineer, went over everything. The other a pilot. Cashed right up.
  9. That's good news. Are they going to run 95 and 98. After reading some time back the difference in additives between the various companies I hope it's BP
  10. And lets not confuse education and degrees with intelligence and common sense.
  11. I did call the pilot of the mustang "he". "Judy or whoever, I apologise". I was busy listening to the radio chatter and the pilots discussing the overheating problems to take notice of the voice gender.
  12. I spoke to James Town be fore heading that way and was told it was standard procedures (CTAF). 10.30 was shut off for inbound. The show was controlled by by ground on 126.7. The departing aircraft after the show were using standard CTAF procedures although some of the war birds were still communicating with Jamestown control on 126.7 A little communication and consideration would have avoided this situation.
  13. I was third in the line at the time waiting to enter 34. The Mustang stated I think three, at least two times he had to go as he was starting to over heat. He was stationed behind the keys lined up for 34. The early mod Jab first in line at the time, taxis out onto 34 and line up. The Mustang says he has to go and powers on unaware there is an A/C in front of him. Luckily he is made aware there is a aircraft in front of him, he swerves to the right just missing the Jab by inches. The Jab thinks he is hit and rolls of to the left hand side of the strip. The mustang and Kittyhawk taxi back to c
  14. It's not illegal for RAAus aircraft to conduct a straight in approach, but as Nunans said, aircraft on a straight in must give way to aircraft already in the circuit. Keep the straight in for quiet days, and make your calls! There were discussions on this subject some time back and a number of members quoted the regs stating we (RAAus) must over fly to field and sight the sock or similar prior to landing. Something to do with third party insurance. Like most of us, having not read completely and memorised our bible I'm assuming the previous posters are correct.
  15. If the A/C was RAAus registered I'm led to believe it is illegal to do straight in approaches. Something to do with insurance. If they were GA registered, different story, but not in this case.
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