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Wiring EGT

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Hi all after no luck in the engine and prop sub forum I decided to post here.


I have an EGT duel gauge, generic brand with Brown, Yellow, Black and blue wires coming out of the back. Off the left hand side of the exhaust is one black and one white from the sensor.


Can anybody tell me what colours matchup with the black and white





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Hi Peter,


I'm not sure if yours is the same as mine, but with the millivolts generated by the thermocouple sensors I was told trial and error is the way to go as it won't do any damage, not to the ones I had anyway.


Even before you mount them in the aircraft you can test your wiring by dipping your sensor tips into a pot of boiling water on the stove.


100c or 220F is just enough to get a positive reading on the lower end of the scale to confirm the wiring.







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