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Home-made fuel guages

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Hello folks,


I need some advice. I have installed wing tanks with a sloping shoulder moulded into the edge that is visible from my seat. The idea was to add calibrated fuel level marks, but the vinyl ester has already gone honey-coloured and the fuel surface is not visible except at night under a bright light. After toying with several alternatives, I plan to tap into the tank a clear vinyl sight tube. To ensure the fuel level would be visible in real flight conditions, I plan to add a brightly-coloured ball to float on the fuel, inside the tube. The sight tube would be set at about 30° above horizontal when cruising. The float needs to roll downhill as the fuel level recedes- I fear that a cylindrical float would simply stick to the tube, so need a tiny ball which would float indefinitely on fuel. Any suggestions what would do the job and where you get it?







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Some battery hydrometers use little multi-coloured balls to reflect battery charge. Particularly the small motorcycle ones. They float in battery fluid so must be pretty tough however I don't know how they would fare in petrol. Might be worth a test.





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Any suggestions what would do the job and where you get it? Regards, Lyle

The best is polyurethane (the stuff that petrol containers are made out of).

Polypropylene, Polyethylene or polycarbonates are all OK plastics in petrol


A quick google search gave me these things


http://cicball.thomasnet.com/viewitems/hollow-plastic-balls/hdpe-hollow-balls?&forward=1 -HDPE is exactly what the petrol containers are made out of.




not saying buy from there, just showing what you want is available. If you looked around im sure you could find plenty made out of this plastic



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