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What's in your flight bag?

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OK - in anticipation of the next stage of the dream (XC), I want to start putting together my flight bag.


Been looking at leather satchel thingies with room for charts, E6B, pens and chinagraphs, undies and toothbrush - but I need input from you guys and gals.


Just how big is your flight bag? What type is it? What do you carry in it? Does it double as a knee board?


Additionally, what do you use to plan XC flights? Completely manual using WACs and flight computers? Software like AirNav? Rely completely on GPS?


I'm very interested in as many of your styles and secrets as you care to share.





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Guest AusDarren

Roll on Insect repellent/sunscreen.


At the average Airport the Flies could almost carry you away themselves!


that an ERSA and appropriate charts for the flight..


and a Prayer wheel. The rest is optional..







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Guest pelorus32

WACs, TACs, VNCs, ERC lows, CR3, mints, cap, sun screen, water, pencils, rubber, pen, a Portland plotter from my boat (try it you'll like it - you'll have to copy and paste the link)




multiple printed copies of this http://www.airservices.gov.au/pilotcentre/adfn/adfnformbackpt.pdf


And usually a stale sandwich:;)3:


I also have and use a log in to the Airservices Briefing page and I really like Champagne Flightplanner.









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WACs, ERSA, all appropriate documents for flight, but I also carry Gum, small bottle of water, binoculars, tissues, New pack of AA battery's for GPS (just in case), pencils/rubber, whiz wheel, handheld VHF radio.


Lucky enough for me I have used all these items in situations along my NAV trips.



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