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Convert FAA A&P licences to Casa


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Anyone had any experience in converting FAA licenses to CASA LAME etc. I am helping a family member who is looking into converting. Had a brief look on Casa website but not sure what to look for. Perhaps better off calling them up?


Any input would be appreciated





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Guest Brett Campany

From what one of the guys at the helicopter training school has said, it's pretty easy because it's a required skill that is needed in Australia. Contact CASA, their website has all of the details on transfering a foreign LAME qualification to and Aus registered qualification.


Should have no problems mate and the immigration process will be a lot quicker as well.



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Guest Maj Millard

My experience some years back trying to convert A&P to Lame was not good. I went and did the only available option which is the CTC exams. I had not got less than 85% in any aviation exams for the past 10 years, and generally would achieve in the 90s. This included all FAA and other exams. I got 59% on the CTC. They do not like the A&P rating, and the exam is almost set up for failure, with many unrelated and really stupid questions, that I did not even see in study material which I studied for two months, as I don't like to fail exams. They offered me a second chance, and offered me credits in wood structures and dope and fabric, which I had studied and worked with in the Air Force some 10 years earlier. I told them basically to stick it up thier XXX.


I then called the CASA legal office and requested information on how many A&P to Lame conversions they had done, per the 'freedom of info' requirements. They offered all sorts of excuses and no info, and requested I put in a formal request, which may or may not be fruitfull, as we were dealing with CASA. I have worked as a AME since, probabily make as much money, do exactly the same work but without the signitures and related stress so I'm happy. I was by the way signing off complex aircraft in the States with my A&P, for at least the previous 10 years, so their loss really.


I do keep my FAA A&P current. Yes they do need the skills here, but they are just not that smart to realize it. Something to do with the FAA not automatically recognizing our LAME license over there, so tit for tat and we suffer.I did not buy my A&P in a wheeties packet but attended a quality Aviation college full time for two years, whilst working a second job to finance it loading night air frieght...Tread carefully................................................Maj...024_cool.gif.7a88a3168ebd868f5549631161e2b369.gif



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