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Blue Skies to everyone on the Recreational Flying forum.


I'm a recreational flyer myself - I built my record setting GlaStar and ended up setting the greatest number of FAI word records in British aviation history - 90 records!


As you may have guessed I'm a Brit but my airplane is based at Spruce Creek Fly-In, Daytona Beach, Florida - the world's largest and greatest fly-in community.


I'm also the North America Editor for the world's premier AND FREE online aviation magazine - AV8 Magazine - Home - just check out the magazine, it's totally free, and spread the word.


I'd also like to invite readers to send in pics of their airplanes - homebuilts, restorations or whatever - along with some info about the airplane - 150 to 200 words. We have a monthly 'Reach for the Sky' feature especially to showcase interesting airplanes. Send an email to me at [email protected] or [email protected]


If you have any aviation stories that you want us to publish just send me the details





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Guest studentbiggles
098_welcome.gif.81ff07d492568199326e4f64f78d7bc6.gif AV8Editor and a big hello from us all here on this site :big_grin: I'm a student Pilot training a Jabiru 230D (and have my own on back order)....Plus training in a Blanik Glider as well for my Gliders pilots licence....Are you going to Airventure this year?...I fly out of YREN (Renmark) South Australia and are also a member of YLOX (Loxton) SA in the same region...Loving my flying more than ever since taking up my gliding, great traing for "Stick and Rudder" control...Hope to be Solo in both in the next few months:thumb_up:...Keep it the "Green and Fly Safe" ....By god you "Yanks" produce some beautiful A/C as we do!!! Cheers Studentbiggles (Alley)....Will be joining up with the "99ers" soon, which is an affiliate with AWPA (Australian Women Pilots Ass)...Met up with a geat group of Aussie Pilots who flew into YREN this weekend just past with their Jabbi 230's who asked me to join their group who fly Australia wide....Have you ever flown a Jab?...A great traing plane, which sets you up to fly most other types of A/C...Talk soon....Alley
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