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warp drive prop repair

pete duncan

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Guest Walter Buschor

Hi Pete,


That;s unfortunate.


May I suggest you don't repair it - or have it repaired -at all. I am aware that bolly will repair props but after a repair they are not as hard as before. The prop is the hardest working part and a set of new blades is not that expensive. I would suggest that " your skin " is worth a couple of extra dollars for piece of mind. To hell with the expense. Buy new blades !


Fly safe ! weather permitting!





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Hi Pete,


Im with Walter on this unless of course the blade has only minor damage, but my guessing if it hit the ground it maybe a tad bit more than minor.


Bolly sells the duratuff leading edge 3 blades for the 912 for about $400 a blade but i think you may have to change the hub also as I am not sure if the hub for you current prop is compatible.







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Guest Maj Millard

The Warp drive props are pretty tough, and handle minor damage pretty well....but if it has had a decent gound strike, it is time to turn it into a wall decoration, and purchase new blades........after all, it's only money, and it is nothing compared to having a blade suddenly depart !!.I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy......................................................................Maj..024_cool.gif.7a88a3168ebd868f5549631161e2b369.gif



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