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Perth Storms


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Hi everyone,


Not sure if someone has mentioned it yet, but a couple of days ago in Perth we had a pretty bad thunderstorm (with huge hail!)


Here's a special report my mate picked up:


SPECI YPPH 220912Z 34022G32KT 1500 +TSRA FEW003 SCT018 BKN048CB 20/20 Q1015 RMK INTER 0920/1212 VRB25G55KT 2000 TSGR BKN020 FEW050CB


Just interested to know if anyone's aircraft was damaged by hail/wind?







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i dont know of anyine who had their pane damaged but there was some local damage as far as 250KM inland we had a few fences down and at my bording school (cunderdine AG) we had a flooded dinning room and our dorms had water in them. lost a few trees and damage to the sheep yard; 50 dead sheep from a falling tree. but other than that nothing this far out



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