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  1. Im working on a cattle station at the moment. Its a great series! Filled many of my more boring humdrum evenings!
  2. haha the race car is done. will be sitting in the back of the shed till the next off road season start at easter.. haha iv still being hear pudlurking in the.shadows!! gee you must travel a bit. well iv.given away shooting riley so its a catch twenty two haha
  3. hey guys iv still being bumming around the forum, haven't being posting much because my flying has come to a total Holt :( SHR (sh8t happens racing... my race car was written off ) any way race car rebuilt is happening, i would like to get a "project" something that would need a ground up rebuild, with/without motor, i know theres got to be something in the back of some ones hanger or shed. how much would you expect to pay for something that needs a re-build? PS: if any one knows of anything PM me please :D cheers dave
  4. As above, is there only one? or are there a few, do they hold stock in Australia? contact details?
  5. the CH-650 is a NICE looking plane, but probably a bit complex for a first attempt? they look like a great plane, seems a lot more people are building them now they fixed that problem. all Scotty i work with aluminum, chromoly, and steel every day building off road race cars and buggys... so while thats easier for most i already have all the metal working tool right there!! and all aluminum means i can stay out side when i go on a trip? sorry maj i will ammend that for you... AMATEUR HOURS use of terminology in terms of the sav.. great plane but the idea of building from plans and not a
  6. The ch 650 had a lot of problems with the wing? Particularly them falling off?
  7. hey guys.. im pretty keen to build a plane from scratch im thinking a CH-701 or CH-750, being from the bush the STOL characteristics are ideal and it looks like a simple aircraft, to the best of my knowledge the Savannah doesn't come in a plans only format? my question is, were is the best place to go for information? can you license a scratch build easily or is it a big headache? is this the sort of task some one with a well equipped workshop and good metal working skills can embark on?
  8. hey guys.. just curious the CH701 is the original STOL by zenith, the CH-750 is their latest with improvements... but given its extra weight... can it still be licensed as an RAA aircraft?or is it to heavy?
  9. country kid

    Drifter Pics

    there some great photos Tex... looks like a great day for some aviation!! haha i thought thats what the back seat was for, a low maintenance passenger :D
  10. country kid

    Drifter Pics

    thats a great insight Millard, really interesting.... haha great to see every ones flying machines, there is some beauties out there thats for sure.
  11. yer, makes logical sense.... it will be a matter of time more than any thing, depending on what needs doing and if i have my license or not. yer, chances are it will be hangered at home mate. it im scrapping together funds for a plane no hope of buying or paying rent on a hangar. haha you might be in trouble once you finish it, will have 2 planes to choose from?
  12. gee Shaun took you a while to fond this forum, welcome mate, plenty of interesting people and stories around hear that's for sure... yer i figured there would be a few around, just didn't know where. Calingari, didnt think there was much more than a strip there?.... yer i think you might be on the money, but mathamaticaly 5+10=15, which if you pay 15 for one in ok condition then its the same thing.. you have a sky dart also? since when..... yer will have to get up there some time mate, moving in late jan so might come up there some time then. you cant keep current if you have nothing to
  13. haha to true mate to true, yer interesting you mention that, it may be the dependence in reliability and design that has led to the lose of these vital skills that were needed then but know air craft are considered "reliable" enough. yer, its amazing how far engineering and areospace design has bought us in the last decade.
  14. haha its amazing the people you meet on the internet, its really great to hear other peoples stories and adventures. gee Millard sounds like you were in the middle of it ay. would be brilliant to compare what was in the sky back then and what flying now, just going off your above photo, there would be a big difference... its easy to see where drifters and thrusters are derived from...
  15. haha gee maj, sounds like a great few days in the desert sorta, nice to know some one is willing to put there neck on the line for their own design, glad engineers can hire people to do that now :D haha 900$ for a ballistic parachute, what do they cost now?
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