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Jabiru pre-flight


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When I do the pre-flight checks for the 170, I'm in the habit of pushing down on the tail to lift the nose-wheel free of the ground, and moving the rudder to check the nose wheel steering linkage.


During the last check I noticed a tendency (sometimes) for the rudder to not move as far left as it does right - almost as though it's catching on something.


Any advice on what to look for in trying to track down the cause? (Cables, centering springs, something else?)







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Check the pedals and make sure they are free.... there was also an AD on the rudder pedals.... see jab site for details


Quote from Jab;


"When adjusted to the most rearward position (i.e. that suitable for shorter pilots) and pressed to






full rudder deflection, the pilot can experience a situation equivalent to rudder pedal overcentering






and locking. For example, when the pilot uses full left rudder to turn the aircraft at the






end of the runway, then presses the right rudder pedal to straighten onto the runway heading it






can feel as though the control has locked. This effect can be exaggerated by the pilot’s shoes –






thick, heavy soled shoes with deep tread tend to snag on the pedal more than thin-soled












RA-Aus Airworthiness Notice AN161008-1-1 also refers. This Jabiru Bulletin has been






prepared to provide additional information to owners and supersedes the RA-Aus Notice".








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Sometimes the nose wheel pivot arm can come into contact with the exhaust about 6" from the outlet- you'll see tell tale marks on the inside of the exhaust- this is normally picked up at final assembly checks but worth looking at. Make sure the hinge pins on the rudder are also not binding at full deflection...



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