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I thought I'd better stop lurking and introduce myself.


My name is Craig and I'm currently undergoing my training out of Georgetown in Northern Tasmania.


I am in my mid 30's and got the bug after talking to a work colleague who told me off for spending $250 on a hour long Simulator session when I could have been doing the real thing for less 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif


Told my wife what he said, and wouldn't you know it, at Xmas there is an envelope, with a voucher for a few lessons! Got to love that!


Doing lessons as time and finances permit, but really getting a kick out of flying Eugene's Jabiru 120.


I suppose you could say I'm hooked, and kicking myself that I didn't start this earlier!



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Guest RaMpAgE

Hi Craig,


I hear you as I did 2 flights back in 2001 and only just started again recently and I think what would I be doing now if I only had kept going then, now I'm nearly 40 (this year) and think by the time I have the ticket I'll be too old to enjoy it. 031_loopy.gif.e6c12871a67563904dadc7a0d20945bf.gif







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