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Savannah owners in NSW-VIC


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over the Anzac long weekend, i am planning a trip to Latrobe Valley to test fly a Jabiru, but also on the hit list of aircraft to purchase is a Savannah and Gazelle, is there anyone in the lower NSW or VIC area that has a Savannah we can inspect so i can convince the co-pilot they are a versatile and touring capable aircraft?


I am based in Syd.


Thanks in advanced.





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Guest Walter Buschor



I cannot help in he location but If you care to fly to Queensland you're more than welcome to go for a fly in my Savannah. It is a great touring AC . the somewhat slower speed ie: 85-90knots versus 100knots is of little importance since one does land every 1 1/2 to 2 hours. The difference being little more than a toilet brake. For the money it is unbeatable. I'd say go for it!!


Fly safe





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Guest Maj Millard

Ultralights, If you have a look at an RAAus magazine with a Savannah ad (Feb page29) you'll see a list of dealers. Top of the list is Ian Ellis up in Casino, he completed the first kit in Australia, and is almost done on a new XL that he is currently building. He knows them back to front.


Reg Brost is also a dealer and builder in NSW. Not sure of his location exactly but I believe he's a little closer to Sydney somewhere.


By all means give Ian a call, and I'm sure he'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.


From my own experience the Savanah VG Classic or XL are great aircraft, and very versitile for the money. You can land them just about anywhere, and they pop off likity split also, even heavily loaded.


The big surprise is that not only are they a strong and rugged STOL aircraft, they are also a very nice, comfortable, and very capable cross-country cruiser. The cockpit and interior are comfortably done, and with the long-range tanks (160 Lts) they will take you a long way also. Best of both worlds !.They are ruggedly built, and maintenance is a breeze with everything easy to get to. The visability with the full lexan doors is as good as I've ever experienced, and of course you certainly don't need a long sealed runway to get airborne with your mate and a heap of luggage. .............Maj..024_cool.gif.7a88a3168ebd868f5549631161e2b369.gif



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Would love to Rob as we fly from Tongala to LV regularly - lots of great mates there. A pearler of a flight over the Divide. But..............have family commitments elsewhere I'm afraid. (Tooradin - so not far from LV but no Savvy just a Toyota)


Perhaps you could let us know your movements closer to the date and you could land at our strip and we could give you a quick fly in my Savvy - only too pleased to do so if the timing worked out.


Keep in touch.


Mark D



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Hi Rob


I am based at Cessnock and have a VG you are welcome to have a look.Not sure what I am doing over the Anzac weekend may be going out to Middlebrook Station with the Scone mob.My advice would be to definately have a go in one before you commit to a plastic parrot ( I am not a jab fan ) I was going to buy a Gazelle but then had afly in a Savannah at Narromine four years ago liked it and bought one. Handling is very similar to a Gazelle they have more room 100 horses and 150 litre fuel gets along at 85 kt and gets in or out of anywhere.Also they seem to be holding their value well.


Good luck Dave



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G'day Rob.


Not sure about anyone down your way, but Reg Brost is the dealer up closer this way. He was there at Temora in the Red/Burgundy Savvy. He is at Yetman Nsw - which is just south eastish of Goondiwindi.


Here is his website.


They do perform pretty good!



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Thanks for all the help, Dave F, i am in syd, so it might be possible to get to Cessnock before the Anzac weekend, iss send you a pm and get details soon,


Jeffry, Leongatha isnt far from where we'll be, so it would be asey to drop in and have a look. thanks again,


At the moment we have cut the list down to 3 aircraft,(JabiruSP* Savannah, or Gazell) as we are limited to a budget of around $50K and looking for something that will take us on our red centre tour later this yr or next. it took some convincing just to get the other half to look at a Savvy, as she places quite a bit of wight on the Looks factor. i love savannahs, but im talking her around.


thanks agin for your help.



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