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Rotax 912


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Hi All


What are the max hours recomended before the rotax 912 needs a rebuild? It it possible to rebuild the motor to 0 hours?


And if so can this be done by any qualified person ?



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Guest micgrace



It is possible to zero hour any engine, if not a cheap


exercise. Possibly for this engine, reground/new crank, crack test of


all parts (x ray / dye penetrant). New bolts,


rebore/sleeve, new vavles and guides, rebuilt/new cam/gearsnew/rebuilt


carbs, pump, rebuilt redux unit starter/alternator/dist. and so on.


But knowing the purchase price of this engine,could quite possiblybe economical.


As for qualified (LAME), depends what category (aircraft)


it's in. No doubt the agent can recommend someone in your area. Would


also need to check on parts availability esp. u/s brgs o/s pistons. Or


there might be available an exchange unit ?? There will be an online


parts catalogue at Rotax, but you will need to know what you are


looking at.


I vaguely recall some aircraft engine mob at Archerfield having just that (reco unit).


Hope that helps somewhat. Micgrace


disclaimer. This is just conjecture. You will need to check with the agent, LAME



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Guest ozzie

i have listened to a few conversations on the pracability of rebuilding


any Rotax engine. this is what a major Rotax agent/rebuilder in the


states had to say. other than top end overhalls it is impractical cost


wise to do complete overhalls. it is a bettter exersise to replace the


whole engine with new. this is the preferred method by the


manufacturer. the cost of parts and labour come in over the cost of a


new engine. liability is higher for a rebuilt engine. so the


manufacturer has priced the major components to relect this.


also interesting to note that the US Air Force use a large number of


912's for the unmanned drones. As the electronics in these are worth a


small fortune the engines are replaced with only a few hundred hrs and


are then DESTROYED and buried. enough to make you cry i think. seach


thru the archives of ultraflight radio.com for some interesting


information on rebuilding and maintaining Rotax engines, Ozzie



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Guest micgrace

I'd get some quotes on whatan overhauled one would cost and compare it to new price.




engines are expensive, so the possibility of a rebuild costing less


than the engine is high. But this is not a type of engine for amateurs


to have a go at under any circumstances.


Alsoanother subject worth mentioning is liability of self maintenence.




I amfinished with an "experimental aircraft" i.e. self maintainedI


would break it up for parts, including the engine and not resaleit at


all. It really has come to this stage in this country And no passengers


except for immediate family (kids/wife) when flying.




disclaimer. This is conjecture only and anyone is requested to approach an appropriately qualified LAME for advice



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Guest pelorus32

Last time I enquired regarding the Rotax 912ULS (100hp) it was ~$AUD23,000. But since then there has been a lot of currency movement and this may have affected the price. Ring Bert Flood.


If it's for a Gazelle then the price will be different as I think the Gazelle uses the 80hp 912 but it uses the certified version. Ian should be able to help there.







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