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Kestrel and Waiex at Kilcoy

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Recreational (3 axis)

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Okay, from now on part of the pre flight is empty a can of bug killer inside the cockpit and let it air



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Lucky you didn't have a arachnophobia passenger with you


I had a similar experience though not that big , just a tarantula that crawled up thefront winow on the Decathlon on final , just sat in the middle of the window , a bit distracting .


maybe some mysterious unexplained crashes might be something like this, spider or snakes , they would just depart the crash leaving no evidence.



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Many years ago my instructor (Frank Page) asked if I was the type to jump out of the car in a panic if there was a spider on board. I said no. He said good because if you are that type, you could be in serious trouble if a big ass hairy spider ran out of the dash in the plane you're flying. I have driven my car a few times with a big huntsman running about in it and it's funny to watch folks pull up at the lights and act like you're in grave danger. By the way, this is an attempt at using a 'green screen spider ' in my video editing software. Pretty good job I think.



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