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  1. My name is Ayden, however it is my friend who is conducting the study. She is currently completing her thesis (honours) at RMIT. The study is being conducted by RMIT and UNSW together. I have posted here in this thread to hopefully help her get more participants - due to COVID, and some hold ups as everyone is working from home, she is running out of time to be able to survey, analyse and write her thesis to get it marked on time. This research has ethics approval and has a data management plan regarding anonymity. Publicly, the paper will only be sent to academic journals after she complete
  2. Good Morning, I am posting to invite pilots who are interested in furthering the current research and focus on Human Factors to take part in a survey. Pilots of any category (Military, GA, Civil, Recreational, Student, Commercial) and any flight hours are invited to take part in this short (10-15min) survey looking into Emotional Intelligence and Decision Making in high-consequence situations. If there is interest, I would be happy to post a results document after the research has concluded. Link to Survey: https://rmit.au1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_eKCI7qGo6yJDuDP I am happy to chat a
  3. Hi All! My name is Ayden, I am currently a non-pilot, but interested in Aviation as my partner is currently doing research in the human factors. I look forward to discussions in this forum.
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