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  1. sick pup


    Who, do you have the detail for the belly tank/ storage in your plan set ?
  2. sick pup


    Mine has a Kfm112(62hp max) in it...... seems to Do everything right but is less desirable than other options. 120hp Beemer won't have to work very hard.
  3. sick pup


    That's A fine idea. Much easier than the other 2 options
  4. sick pup


    I agree Regarding the direction of breathers- just concerned about possible moisture and dust ingress Mine has had an electric demand pump fitted to the fuel supply by the previous builder. He Talked about a belly tank that John Cotton had on the drawing board . Seems pointless to me as i can't even fill My wing tanks and remain below 340kg I have talked to an L4 this morning who said (off the record) he'd be satisfied with a calibrated dip stick and a fuel flow meter which sounds better to me than retro fitting guages
  5. sick pup


    Welded in ? Your thanks are aluminum ? Mine Are fibreglass - I'll have to delve in there and have a look. Also, do your plans detail the positive pressure breather through the tank caps ? Mine are already made, but I Wonder about this opening facing forward as suggested. I'd have thought some kind of filter necessary. Mine Is a mark 1V by the way
  6. sick pup


    I've recently bought A pup too - 99% complete but never registered. I remember seeing somewhere about fuel guages in the wing root presumably visible from the cockpit. Mine does not have these nor is there any Detail for it in the assembly manual. Any ideas if this will be a deal breaker for RAAUS registration?
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