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  1. Hi Folks, I'm wishing to contact the operators of Stewarts Airfield near Coffs Harbour, as I'm wanting to fly into Coffs for the coming weekend. Can anyone advise contact details? Thanks Matt
  2. I could have assisted last week with more test hours, I was looking for something to do on the weekend whilst working in Alburqueque, one can only unload so many rounds in an M4 on full auto, a few 9mm's and a 45 before boredom sets in and I was wanting to find an excuse for a drive in the 2013 Mustang 5.0.... (by the way, traction control is incredible, don't try to drive one without it turned on)
  3. I feel the need for a weekend away, how good is the strip, got avgas?
  4. That is one very fast plane, I assumed it was a Mazda 20B, it has a very distinct sound at full noise.
  5. Hi Guys, planning on leaving Caboolture approximately 7-7.30 on Saturday (for the day), anyone else planning the trip on Saturday from Caboolture? What is the recommended route past the Gold Coast?
  6. Hey Tomo, give David Sercombe a call on 0428 400 236, he is the CFI at the Coffs Aero club, maybe ask him about Stewarts at Emerald Beach, did a touch and go there about 12 month back (with the former CFI Charles on board). Andy do you have any details of Stewarts?
  7. Is now a good time to make an offer, mine very keen for a sports cruiser
  8. Well, hand it over....now is a good time for me.
  9. Hey Tomo, saw your photo in the Courier Mail today, thank you for sharing with the wider public.
  10. It's not the AN2, the owner is at Kingaroy flying drones in the Outback challenge.
  11. mattbutton


    Hi Gents/Tomo, I'm planning a trip next weekend out west near Cunnamulla, from Caboolture, where is the best place to refuel, avgas?
  12. Whitworths marine is a good source of gap tap. Aircraft Spruce in the US sell 3M 8672, very good stuff for protection
  13. Does anyone know of a farmtay with an airstrip within 3-4 hrs flight (at 105 knots) of Caboolture?
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