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  1. I agree Red, my Malvern Star is a real thoroughbred and only those specially trained can handle it, not for your average Joe Blow.
  2. Was the "tower" just an advisery or was it controlled airspace? If just an advisery seems all that would do would be to add more transmissions to an already busy airspace, just talk directly to any conflicting traffic. Broadcast your intensions and keep your calls to a minimum.
  3. Most NDB's are being decommissioned now. Never found them to be reliable, mostly because of old rubbish radios. Did have a King KR87 (To get it NVFR) in a little machine, it was mainly good for listening to the radio. Pretty amazing CASA still has reliance on 1920's technology, indicates how progressive they are.
  4. Normally laminar flow aerofoil sections are thicker further back, the thickest section of the aerofoil is a third or further back. The usual clark Y and a lot of NACA sections it's around a quarter chord.
  5. Couple of things, firstly I have been using GPS (For work) since they came out commercially available, only once has it stopped working, just after they first started being used, that was for half an hour. That's since around 1991. Next VFR flying is just that, looking out the window. If you are worried about flying into rising ground then knowing LSA won't have any impact, you shouldn't be flying that low. Yes I know weather can throw curved balls, training should cover this.
  6. Agreed, use maps as well. LSAT has no place in VFR really, if it's non VFR then no fly.
  7. Hunsta, like your Avatar
  8. Prop feathered/prop windmilling can make a BIG difference. Plus it's a big difference sitting comfortably tapping on a putor to sitting in in the aircraft making actual real world decisions. What do those religous types say? (liberty taken) "Let who is without any expirence or idea cast the first aspersions". Here enduth the lesson.
  9. Gasless tig? Mebe gasless mig but fluxcore makes a mess and weld quaility is nowhere near gas sheilded.
  10. What a great idea, worked rooly well with the banking enquiry...............................what's happened since? SNAFU
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