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  1. Variation on Avid, same as Kitfox/Gazelle/Eurofox. Extended fuse and looks like the gear has been changed from nosewheel to conventional using same rear mounts.
  2. Emair MA-1 Think it was an indigenous Hawaiian Ag machine, 1820 Wright powered?
  3. My dad built one in I think 88, it was powered by a Robin 440 with a Cliff Van Pragg belt reduction. It had a clark Y section wing with split flaps that weren't a big success, the cockpit design was slightly changed to include a single central skid. The Robin engine went well getting 230lbs static thrust.
  4. The aircraft that ditched was working from Latrobe Valley
  5. That statement dates you a bit Nev, haven't had primary's since we started using alphabet airspace. Must admit I still refer to them as primary's, remember the days when you could walk down to the briefing office to get weather and have a yarn at places like Bankstown and Moorabin?
  6. Turboplanner, I don't think anybody was suggesting to do a circular circuits at places like Moorabin, horses for courses
  7. Getting on for 170,000 conservative estimate Mr Garfly but still learning every one.
  8. Yes flying a Tiger is different to modern machines, my take on the subject is that flying and landing in general is over complicated unnecessarily these days, especially ultralight/light aircraft/recreational fliers. I do fly heavier/faster machines and the basic procedure is still the same, throttle off and land.
  9. No probs Antonts, still much the same these days. Just go and fly, simple
  10. How can I access my information to insert image for avatar? How can I access my profile? Where can I log on or off on the site? Thanks
  11. Yes but surely date of Federation is a more historical Australian date? Dutch were on Australia some 200 years earlier that Philip person, no orange flag waving?
  12. Yes but why is Australia day on 26th Jan instead of on 1st Jan when Federation day is? We are just pom Empire apologists, chest beating colonial cast offs.