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  1. That's a pretty aircraft. Looks similar to Jessie Anglins Kitten only with a tube 2 spar wing. There have been many derivatives including pups using identical construction, when you think of it nearly all high wing machines are built along Cub lines.
  2. In my post that should have read CASA, can't find edit function
  3. I know of 2 people who were illiterate before they started flying training, both learned to read a write to do the exams. One did the old restricted licence the other went on to a commercial career. I myself left school at 16, did a trade then started flying training at 21, have been flying for a living since. Bad schooling is no excuse, if you want something bad enough then you put in the yards. The cost and availability of training is the main impediment now. In the "olden days" every airfield had a family training organisation, also there was constant GA traffic everything from charter, freight, AG and feeder airlines. Now it's very unusual to see a GA aircraft. Shortly CAA will reach it's goal of having no aircraft flying.
  4. Anybody remember Rod Birrels demo in a Thruster? Saw him do 10 consecutive loops low over an airfield as part of his "Sales demonstration"
  5. Heard on the news that there were 2 pilots plus the Nascar driver and his family
  6. Looking at it the rudder and fin shape are different to Luton. There must be hundreds of parasol designs looking similar to this one.
  7. My expirence with HARs was a bit negative. A HARs aircraft had broken down at a regional airfield, we flew over, landed and parked near to take a look. We approached the aircraft where 2 people were working. As we came closer one of the people said abruptly "I wouldn't get too close or you'll finish up with a spanner through the head." Now if there was a danger his warning could have been a bit more civil, we were prepared to make a donation for a closer look but with the aggressive attitude we were taken aback. I know you have to put up with all sorts of numptys around aircraft, we flew in and parked near the HARs aircraft so they would have seen we had some idea about aviation. Seemed to me a heavily government funded museum was just an "Old boys club" for selected few to play with publicly funded toys like they were their own. I might have just struck those on a bad hair day, I didn't think they promoted HARs in a good light. By comparison I have visited Temora many times and each time have been treated very well by staff with pilots, engineers and ground staff all being very helpful and courteous and only too pleased to interact with the puplic. David even mingling with the crown being open and approachable.
  8. Luton Minor, mebe one or two in Straya?
  9. The DC10 carries 40,000 litres and contrary to what some say has a good drop patern. There are tasks for aircraft of all capacities on fires, from medium helis through to VLAT's, they need to be utilised to their strengths. The Canadairs are a very interesting machine, I like the 215's because of the radials and steam driven gauges. Came across these ferrying back to the Prairies from Quebec. Got a guided tour, very interesting, also got a tour through the turbine 415 in Quebec. The instrument panel no where near as appealing to me as the 215.
  10. Nothing apart from the nearly 38 million dollars purchase price!!!!!!!! For that money you could buy around twenty 802's with a drop capacity of 60,000 litres. 10X the load of a 415. Mention was made of 802's not carting 3000 litres, with full fuel they shouldn't but after a couple of loads can carry 3000 litres. Normally work 3.5 hours for a fuel cycle.
  11. The cost of running Temora over the last 20 years would be big dollars. Say what you like about David and his family but the bloke is a passionate aviator and funded everything there. The entrance fee people paid for museum entry wouldn't have covered the taxi fuel of the aircraft. Australians had a chance to see some classic aircraft thanks to David.
  12. European crops look glorious, Pom's especially. Looks like you could drive on top of them they are that dense. Sprising that the French produce more wheat than Australia.
  13. Hiho LoneRanger, bit of a difference in groundspeed taking off and landing with that wind
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