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  1. Even if they had insurance the company providing it can say weather is an act of some God then not have to pay out...............................then say you should have read the fine print provided in the link that led to over 12,000 pages of legal speak.
  2. Because of this litigation madness the cost of living has skyrocketed with everything from just household or property third party to business indemnity insurance costing prohibitive amounts, are the only people who benefit lawyers and legal representitives?
  3. CL415 still only carry 6000 litres, that's 2 Fireboss loads, we currently have maybe 8 Fireboss in this country now operating. They are the float version of the 802, we also have vitually unlimited number (80+) of wheeld 802's available that carry 3000 litre loads of retardand or water. The wheeled 802's can operate off highways or airstrips. They are the most under utilised firefighting asset in Australia.
  4. Firstly, his private life has nothing to do with anybody else. Next, I have read an article somewhere about Qantas financial history but can't find it now. Joyce did not save Qantas. The artlicle laid out how much Qantas made before Joyce, it was considerably more in less time under the previous CEO.
  5. There must be a formula for working out the average pedant numbers per forum, be higher than the average population I recon 😁
  6. There's something like 90 Air Tractor 802's in the country plus a few high capacity Thrush's, at a guess I would say 2/3's would be on standby for fires in an Australian summer. That number might not be used, depends on the person running the fire attack plan, not all know how to utilise all in their arsenal of equipment and the capability of fixed wing fire attack.
  7. They get so bored loogin out the window they have to have TV's on the dash?
  8. Of all the regional towns to land at I found Dubbo the worst, with security being way beyond sensible.
  9. From distant memory I think the original Bearhawk was built on a Piper airframe, converted Tripacer I think. The original Maule was based on Piper Pacer airframe as well, lotsa designs so called "New" were based on existing designs. This patrol appears to be on a similar base, the fuse looks to be same width as Tri and just set up for tandem seating. Would make for a comfy 2 seater, plenny room either side of the seats but still close enough windows for a bewdy view.
  10. Looks to have no diheadral like 165 Cessna with spar going behind pilots head.
  11. So all Qantas maintenance is NOT done in Brisbane then?
  12. M61A1 and Truster88 read these https://www.smh.com.au/business/companies/union-dossier-claims-multiple-faults-on-qantas-planes-serviced-overseas-20140314-34sdp.html https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2869524/What-s-happening-Qantas-Union-claims-national-carrier-s-outsourcing-maintenance-work-overseas-affecting-safety-Qantas-planes.html https://thewest.com.au/travel/qantas-unveils-40m-us-aircraft-maintenance-base-ng-b88369183z https://www.airlineratings.com/news/qantas-move-b717-heavy-maintenance-singapore/ These aren't considered base maintenance then?
  13. How do I access my forum settings?
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