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  1. All excellent and informative....but not always easy to remember. However you can remember this : HIGH TO LOW - CAREFUL GO! Simply put If you set 1013 in your altimeter subscale and your local QNH is 1003 Your Altimeter will OVERREAD by =/-300ft So if you join the circuit at 1000ft indicated on the altimeter your actual altitude will be 700ft. If you have a HIGH Setting on the Altimeter and the actual pressure is lower, you will be LOW so carefull GO
  2. I had two Savannahs, a nosewheel and a Taildragger. I recently sold the Nosewheel version. For info the empty weight of the nosewheel version was 307.2 kgs and the taildragger is 312.1 kgs. However I can fix that by going on diet (can easily afford to shed 20Kgs) I personally prefer the TD however both models are great little aeroplanes, Fly safely! Tony
  3. G’day, I would like to know if there are any Savannah S taildraggers operating in your part of the world? safe flying, Tony
  4. Yip huge difference in the two also the Savvy is more affordable as one approaches retirement
  5. Hi I live in Jeffreys bay, South Africa and own an RV7 and about to take delivery of a Savannah S
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