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  1. Being in the IT business, my whole psychy is based around visual representation and consumption of data - usually on a screen of sorts. As they say, old habits ... Hopefully it won't be too complicated. Nev, I wish I had your confidence about being 'simple' 😉. Thanks for he idea.
  2. Rather than adding electric actuators, etc., I've heard that one builder somehow attached small gears and sensors to the existing flap actuator tubes, and although the movement action is still manual, the flap position is displayed on his EFIS - now that sounds very interesting to me.🤓
  3. Thanks to you all. I have done a little more reading into the pros and cons, and can better understand where you are coming from. Time to reassess my build (before I even start) and save a few $$ on this part, I think. Much appreciated.
  4. Very true Nev, I certainly haven't thought through all of the pros and cons. I guess I'm just going on what I'm used to in the Jab. Back to the brain whiteboard ...🤔 Cheers and thanks
  5. Hi Marty, I rent a Jab 230 to fly at the moment, but the kit is a single seat Merlin PSA, from Aeromarine. When I bring it in and build it, it will be 1st of type in Australia. The [fuselage] factory in the Czech Republic does not do this type of mod, so I'll keep looking around for photos, etc., maybe one of the builders in the US or Europe has gone down this path. Cheers and thanks.
  6. Hi all, The kit I have purchased comes standard with manual flaps, which are actuated via a large handle on the upper left side of the cockpit. I would very much like to automate the flaps, but don't have the first idea of who could help me design (and possibly build) the system to achieve this. I know I will need motor/s, servos, sensors and most likely something that connects all these things to where the existing flap actuating handle enters the cockpit. But I don't know who I'm looking for to help me solve the puzzle. Would they be an Aviation Electrician? Engineer?
  7. Hey all,

    I've recently purchased a Merlin PSA, a single seat E/A-B LSA kit from Aeromarine in the US. Getting my "toolkit" together, as this is my first time down the home-build track. Happy to listen to any sage advice on preparing my build space, what stands, etc., I'll need to support the fuselage during the build and any other 'extras' I'll need to get the job done properly.


    Happy building and flying folks.



    1. facthunter


      be interested to see what it is like. Not enough are doing what you are starting.  Nev

    2. Dalmo


      see if I can remember to post some snaps from time to time during the build.😁

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