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  1. Ok so I have managed to find an optometrist that will fit my prescription the my Flying Eyes ‘Golden Eagle Sport’ frames. I am delighted I can get them fitted but at a considerable expense…more than the frames cost me! So be aware if you purchase these for a sunglasses prescription, the thin frame of the Flying Eyes frames need a thinner lens type that needs a but more cutting and grinding at the laboratory…and therefore costs more. some technical info…check with your optician but I was told the upper prescription limit would be SPH -3.00 ( mine are -2.25) and woul
  2. Cool thanks all for the replies. Yes my next step is to contact an independent optician as this should be an easy fix. By the way, anyone considering new sunnies the Flying Eyes range are really nice, super light and available from The DownUnder Pilot shop and delivered really quickly considering I’m all the way over in the Wild West.
  3. My first post, what a great forum, very helpful and encouraging for a student pilot….so here is my issue Has anyone had difficulties getting prescription lens fitted to the Flying Eyes frames here in Australia?? Recently purchased a pair of ‘Kingfisher’ sunglasses by Flying Eyes who make prescription compatible sunnies for pilots. Absolutely fabulous frames, super lightweight and fit so snug under your headset which is the main reason I bought them….but I can’t use them…Specsavers say they cannot fit my prescription lens to the frames? Has anyone had success gett
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