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  1. I have also considered replacing the throttle body with a manual system that has a throttle position sensor but not sure how that would affect the ECU maps? Unfortunately i only have very limited ECU knowledge so happy to receive any advice at this stage. Thanks
  2. The ECU is very adaptable as it is a programmable after market system.
  3. Yes. I have a Subaru acc pedal however i was hoping to find something that does not have a return to zero spring. If possible, something that i can mount without modifying. But as a last resort i do have the subaru pedal. The ECU i have has a separate throttle controller which hard wires to the ECU. Acc pedal input goes to ECU then the controller drives the throttle butterfly. Thanks
  4. you could also try AeroLED - www.aeroleds.com - which have a great range available.
  5. Building ... Building ... Building ...
  6. Hi all I am wondering if any fellow forum users may know where I could find a suitable throttle lever which is electronic, to control an electronic throttle body on a 2004 Subaru EZ30D "R". I am building up an the above engine with a LINK ECU from our NZ neighbours and installing it into a Zenith CH-801. If you would need some more info please let me know. If you would like to see a log of my build which also has a bit of info on my engine so far check out my blog, www.zenithch801buildlog.blogspot.com.au Cheers, Pete
  7. Thanks guys, for now I will just keep putting the coins in the jar and waiting ... hopefully not waiting for someone else to "find" my jar ...
  8. Does anyone know where, or from whom, we can get finance for aircraft ( either RA or the bigger, predominantly older, flying brothers of ours?) engines, avionics, maintenance etc? I am interested to know, it is not at all like purchasing a car. Do people out there have finance on aircraft that is not business finance? Also what kind of management plan would be required for a syndicate? How do you set up cross hiring of aircraft to schools? And is it possible to have a plane and "lend" it to other members, license holders for a "cost of running" fee? Mostly asking for interest sa
  9. I agree with the auto conversions, when you look at other people who are using VW and subaru etc, they are getting as much time out of their engines as the jab/rotax options for 1/3 the initial purchase price. I have owned subaru before in a car and I can tell you those engines do handle a solid flogging! And there seems to be a lot of research going into these newer conversion engines, just the manufacturers dont do the required certification process perhaps due to cost etc. With the added benifit of simple/cheap repairs, electronic ignition, fuel injection and a computer you can grab o
  10. Gday Tomo I am around most weekends and am trying to do a flight each weekend (excepting this one as I am with a touch of the flu thats getting around) but would be great to catch up next time you're in town. Let me know when you are in next if you get the chance. My number is 0408911049 Pete
  11. Hmmm thanks everyone. I dont really think they are trying to suck money from me as such, well no more than any other aviation based business anyway ... I have been informed that my navs/experience will count towards my training just have to follow the steps. I did my C172 endorsement with ease, just getting used to the controlled airspace etc and done a few hours of instrument flight, spin recovery and now doing pre gfpt test. Hoping my prior nav experience will knock a huge lump out of the CASA PPL navs that I am required to do. I have the medical and asic and spl from a while back, and have
  12. Hi all Just wondering, I have just started doing a bit of flying with RQAC at Archerfield and have a question for anyone who has gone from RA-Aus to CASA licence. I have x country and pax endorsement with RA and so where do I come in to the CASA licencing scheme? Unfortunately noone at RQAC has done any RA flying. (How I pity them ... for they know not what they have missed out on) I have come in at pre GFPT stage and working towards my GFPT exam. Is that where I should be? Should I be before there of after there? I dont have a problem with it I just dont know why noone seems to kn
  13. As this appears it is a very meticulous build, i would also be very interested to know actual build hours if you have been keeping records of that? Have you built an ac before?
  14. Jake, Just a quick note, the airstrips do not come up in the list of airfields, you have to "find them" using maps, compass and timer. There should be a list of all the strips in your download package which you can find references to get to all the airstrips. For some you have to hop from one to another to get to the airfield you wish to go to. They have even put in a few "day trips" for our touring pleasure.
  15. Can we ask approx $ for viking engine? looks like a nice engine, light, good power and I like the idea of ability to use mogas including ethanol and dual ECU instead of mags. AC is looking very nice so far. Love the Cougar.
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