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  1. Due to a bit of a battle with illness I stopped flying in Nov 2012 Happy to say I am now back in the air with my first flight today, bit rusty but brought myself and instructor back in one piece. Hopefully a few more test flights and I should be as good (or bad) as before. Pete
  2. You missed the punch line "and they were both satisfied"...think about it.
  3. I will get one but will wait for second generation, certainly a bit more manageable on my knee than the full size version.
  4. Yes that's it, many thanks Nathan...what a memory I have, right letters wrong order.
  5. I heard an acronym used today in relation to navigation. I believe it was NOSU?. Can anyone enlighten me as to what it means and in what context it may be used, I came in on the end of the conversation and didn't want to butt in. Thanks.
  6. UPDATE UPDATE: Been flying with an instructor, different aircraft to the one I had problems with, didn't have a problem at all. Did about 10 touch and goes all good. I and the instructor can only surmise the longer nose in the new Jab is doing something to my perception of attitude on landing. Probably not pulling the stick back enough and maybe coming in a little hot. Now I have my confidence back I will take the new one up again next week and see how I go. For those that kindly offered suggestions, many thanks.
  7. Wow Mardy love the images, would love to take piccies like that.
  8. Give these people a call they skydive from there, should be able to help you. http://www.saskydiving.com.au/
  9. I don't know if I would want an almost new 2 nd hand water cooled 4 banger and all the cooling etc that goes with it in my aircraft. A brand new 120hp Harley, Revtech or S&S engine is less than half the cost of a rotax, and cheaper than a Jabiru 4 cylinder. Another advantage of course, whilst having the power of a 4 cyl or even a 6 cyl. There are half or a third of the number of moving parts. Much less to worry about, much less to maintain. A win win and win again (if it works of course)
  10. Sorry for me prattling on folks, but as you have probably realized I am very enthusiastic about Harley. One of the things you can do with a Harley is by the simple addition of a plug in crane fireball system is adjust the ignition on the fly (pardon the pun) you can advance, retard, adjust timing between cylinders, limit or increase RPM tune for economy or power. The mind boggles. I promise to shut up now. :-)
  11. You are correct in the fact that it has an out of balance firing order and has done for the last (almost) 110 years since they first started building them. I am happy to report that by now they have got it right. I'm sorry, how long have rotex and jab been building engines? Backlash in 96b (not older designs, flatheads, pans, knuckles, shovels, evos) is eliminated by complete redesign of engine and design of gears and size of flywheel taking up the slack. Of course this still has to be transferred to prop and, as you said, therein probably is the problem. Don't make the mistake that the engine
  12. You gotta admit sounds good. As regards lugging, that's exactly what Harley's are designed for tons of torque, pull away from 0 to whatever you want in top gear ( not much use for aviation but you get the idea). You've all seen Harley riders flat out when they can (take off) flat out through the hills (climb) then cruise into the sunset lol. The engines are massively over designed to take whatever punishment the 1%'s and the yuppees and me can throw at them. Don't make the mistake that Harley's operate like normal road vehicles. It's flat out or nothing, if not what's the point or owning one
  13. It must be sad for you ol timers living in the past, don't stereotype new HD's with what you are familiar with the old pan heads and knuckleheads went out of production many years ago."Both like a ride home in the ute", " follow the oil leaks" you obviously haven't been near a modern Harley folks. I repeat, having owned Harley's for many years. I would stake my life on the reliability of a HD engine way way before I would bet on a rotex or a jab engine. You do not do 50 hr checks on a HD engine ( that may change if they end up in aircraft) you do not need strip downs every few hours to do up
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