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  1. Thank you I spoke to Superior but they found that the sceet hose is no longer recommended due to the negative pressure even though it is still widely used in these situations.I have since rang Lightwing and they are supplying what they use I suspect it will be the same sceet hose.At least it has lasted 900hours!!! Cheers
  2. Thanks.I did speak to Floods but they don't supply it.
  3. I have recently reconditioned the carby's on my Lightwing GR 912 80hp.Closer inspection found small fragments of the air intake hose in the carby.It is the flexible orange Scat hose with wire reinforcing linking the carby to the air cleaner.It obviously in need of replacment but all the orange reinforced scat or sceet hose I am able to source is technically not suitable because they are not recomended for a negative pressure situation which is created in the intake hose.I did notice that a Skyfox had a forced landing in 2000 due to the scat hose collapsing and blocking the air intake. I wou
  4. Hi Robert, I would be interested to gain more information about forming a partnership to gain T300/J2200 certification. Please keep us informed. Regards Andrew
  5. Thanks for your time in doing that. It looks good so I thik I will progress that way.Cheers Andrew
  6. Hi I was wondering how the braking system was holding up?I recently purchased a set of drum brakes but as yet haven't set them up. I am a bit concerned about the extra weight and they require a bit longer axle bolt which I am concerned may stress the whole axle plus I haven't heard many good reports about them. I would be interested to see your set up so if you could post some photos it would be great.Esspecially of how you mounted the caliphers and disc.
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