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  1. king_daniels


  2. If he had electrical problems he should have turned the electrical power off and landed at bundabug, the motor would have run fine without the electrical system, I had a similar problem, a LAME put the wrong size fuse and almost burnt out my panel, and electrical smoke was coming from my panel. Now I keep away from LAMEs so a long story short l just flew home, replaced the damaged wires put the correct fuse, now happy days that was 600hrs ago. Daniel
  3. Ok, if the regulations are written from the act, and in the act there is a definition of what is an airplane, and makes no mention of a VH, Raa, or any type of registration it would be fair to say putting VH or any prefix is/would be incorrect. My understanding is that any regulation must be backed up by an Act.
  4. Can you do a flight review for RPL in a overseas registered aircraft, or does it only have to be Australia registered aircraft. Can you back your answer up, a opinion does not mean much
  5. Unless I am missing it, in part 141 an 61 does not state what registration a aircraft have to be
  6. I can not find anything in the act or regs that states what registration a aircraft have to be, to do flight training or endorsement, My understanding there is nothing stopping you from doing flying in a VH, overseas, or Raa registration aircraft, May be as Raa aircraft in not a reconnaissance as a Australia aircraft, be cos it not on the Australia casa register.
  7. Hi Daniel, just checking if you have any hangar space available. Don't have anything yet, just doing the groundwork. Cheers
  8. Question quote Jabiru issues CASA: Two CASA staff who were involved in Jabiru limitations have resigned - Does anyone know about this?
  9. Quote a bit stunned noone has commented here yet If it was a Jabiru that crashed you would have at least a thousand comments by now. Daniel
  10. and if you have a Victorian car licence with a car registered in Victoria you're not allowed to drive a NSW registered car, now where did I read that, someone said it was in the regulations somewhere, so if someone said it must be right. Don't you think it's time to move on.
  11. Roundsounds So I would assume that would include VH registered aircraft flown under experimental, you still haven't backed your comment using the Current Rules CASR 1998 including part 61 CAR 1988 CAAP, we are talking about a flight review to obtain a recreational pilots licence, that is not a flight test or any examination. I hear what you're saying but I cannot for the life of me find where to back your findings. The question was asked 'can an RAA registered aircraft be used to do a flight review to obtain an CASR RPL recreational pilots licence'? I have not found anything that states that it cannot be used, I have found more in part 61 that it can be used. I, myself still do not know. Kind Regards Daniel
  12. OK, let's go this way, can a flight review be done in a foreign registered aircraft? They would not have the VH prefix on the side of their aircraft. Kind Regards Daniel
  13. As I said, I do not think you can do a flight review in an RAA registered aircraft however, I cannot find anything to back that up, in part 61 it clearly states as follows: It does not mention a registered aircraft or a recognised aircraft, so my thinking reading below, you can do your flight review in either RAA or VH registered aircraft. It would be a bit hard to say , for instance: flying a tecnam to jump into a tecnam to do a flight review and the only difference is that one has letters and one has numbers. I am not saying that I am correct or right, I just haven't found or interpreted where it clearly states where you can or cannot. 61.015 Definition of category of aircraft for Part 61 Each of the following is a category of aircraft: (a) aeroplane; (b) helicopter; © powered-lift aircraft; (d) gyroplane; (e) airship. 61.020 Definition of class of aircraft for Part 61 (1) Each of the following is a class of aircraft: (a) single-engine aeroplane; (b) multi-engine aeroplane; © single-engine helicopter; Federal Register of Legislative Instruments F2013L00218 Amendments of Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 Schedule 1 2013, 5 Civil Aviation Legislation Amendment Regulation 2013 (No. 1) 37 (d) single-engine gyroplane; (e) airship. (2) For this Part, the single-engine aeroplane class includes: (a) multi-engine centre-line thrust aeroplanes; and (b) multi-engine aeroplanes that are prescribed by a legislative instrument under regulation 61.050 (Prescription of multi-engine aeroplanes included in single-engine aeroplane class). 61.025 Definition of aeroplane for Part 61 Aeroplane means an aeroplane that has flight controls providing control of the aeroplane in 3 axes.
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