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  1. phantomphixer


  2. A colleague of mine found the answer. If you choose a restricted area on OzRunways, you can hold your finger on the area in question and a short list of the local hazards appears and indicates the status of the particular restriction, red being the active indicator. Thanks to all who contributed to this thread and I hope that this helps.
  3. How can we tell when the Danger and Restricted areas on the WAC are actually live? Is the only way to ask the area frequency controller as we approach the area? Notam is only relative to particular airfields but not area hazards. Can anyone please shed some light on our dimness?
  4. Hay, NSW, (YHAY)is only a 15 minute walk into town if travelling light. Rooms at the Saltbush Motel very good and great brekky next door. Corowa (YCOR) also great. Stay at Motel Meneres (ring direct to book) and Leah will pick you up from the airport if you explain that you’re not at Albury, but the local field.
  5. As a Jab 230 driver, I look forward to finding out why this landing was necessary. Great work by the pilot to bring the lady Jabiru (and his lady wife) safely to a stop on a sandy beach.
  6. phantomphixer

    Dangle the Dunlops

    Definitely landing. The flap track fairings are low, indicating flaps at 20 units or greater.
  7. Do Camit engines have the same valves and guides as the Jabiru 2200 and 3300 engines?
  8. Has anyone else heard about small filters installed in Jabiru wing tank fuel pick up lines? Possibly a sintered bronze type? This was mentioned to me a few days ago by someone who has a problem with a 2008 J230. I am extremely sceptical that if these filters exist, they could start to be a problem after 10 years. My J230 is a similar vintage and running fine and I doubt that these filters, if real, could be causing this owner’s problem.
  9. Congratulations! May you continue to enjoy your flying for ever.
  10. Agreed. At about 100kts plus in a J230, if the noise stops, you pull the nose up to achieve two things. A hundred feet or so of insurance and a best glide speed of 65kts, anticipate the 65kts and nose over for a gentle glide working out which of your paddocks you saw will be the best.
  11. I'm a junior pilot of mature age with 60 hrs on the clock. I can be found buzzing around Temora in a Gazelle most weekends. Navs later this year then who knows where?
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