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  1. It might depend what airport in Sydney you are training at? If it's one of the controlled airports (bankstown, Camden) you might want to touch base with the instructor early as I believe you'll need a medical and ASIC before training (or solo)? The RA-AUS part is the easy part. The instructor will be the best person to answer based on their requirements.
  2. More money to spend on other things?
  3. And risk losing our job? The statement is pretty much on the mark, back office jobs a lot which didn't exist 5 or so years ago. The sky isn't falling.
  4. Pretty sure once you owe RAA membership fees you no longer are a member under the new constitution.
  5. Call the office, once your membership expires you are no longer a member so makes sense you can't log into the members area
  6. IFR doesn't mean you'll get a clearance through a control zone. Please don't plan IFR if your a RA-AUS aircraft...too much paperwork
  7. Could be the current contract was coming to an end and the commercial company wasn't getting value for money. $33 a month seems steep, pretty sure my carsales ad was a one off payment until sold but I guess the cost of printing the magazines needs to be made somewhere
  8. Have another check, pretty sure RA-AUS are exempt from Part 61? Is the 90day requirement listed in the CAOs or has RA-AuS forgot to include it in the new manual?
  9. The 2 airspaces I know quite well wouldn't work with having such a lane as the arriving/departing aircraft would pass through any coastal lane. In terms of flying overtop again it would conflict, a lot of SIDS use over the top to avoid inbound stars. Could it work else where? Maybe on a case by case, but rules generally aren't written for each airport.
  10. My guess would be 1000-1500 ft. When an RNAV approach is required depending on the runway config at Brisbane they need a slot (takes up a brisbane arrival slot on RWY 01)
  11. Aircraft inbound to Brisbane overfly archerfield around 3-4000ft quite regularly (basically join the ILS overhead).
  12. Good to see the rules are the same for both camps... oh wait
  13. All old board members had an opportunity to stand for the new board. Don resigned from the executive prior to the change and who wouldn't after all the personal attacks on this site suggesting he was only looking after his own position. I do hope he and frank both stand again one day as we need active people on the board (even if they don't agree).
  14. Yes I'm aware of L1-4 in the RA-AUS sense, but surely that has nothing to do with ELAAA and CASA? Thought it must have been something else. Can't really talk more as I'm not an ELAAA member and it's now banned to comment if your not a member
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