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Dr Bob

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  1. I've flow a thruster with no doors, so guess it can be done with a supapup. but beware its hell on hair style and impossible to open maps and documents
  2. Dr Bob


    Aerovee Engine Scotty I also bought an Aerovee. Cost was $US 7000 including the exhaust and throttle. Imported through Kalgin International. I dealt with guys in the Melbourne Office who were very helpful. Import cost $A 2172 delivered to my home in Melbourne. It comes with a good DVD which shows each step in assembly. If you have ever assembled other engines the VW is not much different. Good Luck Bob
  3. Dr Bob


    Bushman what are the advantages of using electric flaps on the Aeropup. What about ease of installation? Dr Bob
  4. Dr Bob


    Aeropup Forum I would also be interested in an Aeropup build forum. I'm building number 20 and I know of two Aeropups under construction around Melbourne. Lew is certainly a great help but I don't like to hassle him every time I have a question. Perhaps we could start with a contact list of active builders/owners who want to exchange information. Unfortunately not all Aeropup builders are great users of the internet. So we might need to include people from outside this forum. However I have found John Cotton to be most helpful with contacts. I happy to contact John for his help. Dr Bob
  5. This site was a good find! I've been flying off & on since I was a student in New Zealand. GA first, then I was grounded during the mortgage years. I started Ultralight about 10 years ago at Tooradin when Glen Balas had his Thruster. Since then the Jabaru mostly. I have now decided to build, an Aeropup. Anyway I would love to hear from anyone who has built, or is building similar aircraft in the Melbourne area. Yes, I've spoken to Lew Mathews who is very helpful. Bob
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