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  1. I tried my prop on a friends c42 as I had a vibration and a couple of other issues so wanted to rule out engine and airframe on mine this was the resulting video first time I have been outside watching my prop being revved and it was a bit of a shocker video won't load so will post to facebook on Tuesday if I don't get anywhere with the supplier
  2. Geoff can I ask what prop you are using in the xair? I am currently trying to sort out a problem with mine and may be in the market for a different type If i need to go down the legal route. cheers william
  3. The brakes hold all through the rev range I have had the wheels skid down the runway and if applied strongly will lock wheels on landing
  4. I fitted a full set of hubs brakes and bearings to my Xair Hanuman, can't comment on the water side of things but hub bearings are not sealed against water ingress. Also in my opinion bearings should have spacer fitted between bearings in hub. A good kit for the cost but there is room for improvement .
  5. I know how the classifications are set out I was merely pointing out the ludicrous differences between countries as it is the same airframe etc.
  6. I believe my Hanuman is certified to 600kg is Aus but is only 450 in the UK
  7. Sorry Geoff I have not been on this forum for ages and just saw your post I am glad you have it all sorted now My Hanuman/hawk has the 80hp 912 I would have loved the 100hp motor but it has not been certified here in UK so cant fit it without major mod paperwork being done, mine climbs at 800/950 feet pm at 55knts but burns approx 10lph solo and 12 lph dual. I will post a couple of pics of the engine setup etc if you are still interested and would love to see what you have done to yours but I really must agree I think it is a perfect all rounder. Sorry again for not seeing the post when
  8. I have the Hawk/ hanuman with a 912 fitted burns 12ltrs an hour 2 up and as as been said a very forgiving plane to fly
  9. dont know if the maps are available your end of the globe but I use skydemon planning and flight software it gives weather notams flight times fuel consumption wind direction speeds etc for each leg of the journey all in all a great piece of kit
  10. My Avatar is just a picture of my shiny new Plane it had a whole 1 hour 25 minutes on the clock when this picture was taken in October last year it now has a tad over 50 hours on it about 4 times my normal yearly flying time LOL Merry Xmas to one and all from the frozen North William
  11. the polaris is an underpowered machine a friend of mine was using one as a platform for filming birds in the amazon and 2 up with camera it took nearly 2/3 rds of a mile to get into the air and they had a couple of scary near misses by all accounts. I would give the polaris a miss if I were you cheers William
  12. Thanks Damo I was at my brothers work this morning next to parafield airport I will see if I can get out to see you guys before I go up the murray on a houseboat next week
  13. Does anyone know if there will be any flying going on at Strathalbyn or Goolwa tomorrow as I may manage to escape from relly duties and get to meet some of you cheers William
  14. Alan you are treading on very thin ice with that comment LOL
  15. Hi Damien the Scottish Strathalbyn is only 80 miles away from me. I would love to see come down and meet up with you guy's while I am over there. Jabflyer I have visited victor harbour before but must admit it was by road, we took the tram/train accross and walked back a beautiful walk and a lovely area. If I was 10 years younger I would be applying to stay when I came over as the uk is sinking fast. I would have to plan the flight over a bit better than Dave though as 5 months is a bit long. cheers William
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