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  1. Thanks for the post David! Yes, I literally saw a blur and then felt a pat on my left side below my arm . . . . THAT WAS IT! How it didn't go through the prop and ended up on the exhaust is fascinating to say the least! And to then simply "drop off" whilst I was on the ground with the motor at idle speed . . . . AMAZING!!!! Anyway, it all makes for interesting flying!! Safe Skies! John
  2. Thanks Nev! Yes, she is a sexy bird!! Nice Alaska video! Thanks for sharing that!! Makes my "starling-strike" seem a little pedestrian, but I am still completely fascinated as to how the bird made its way ONTO my exhaust system RIGHT in front of the propellor, and then waited for me to land before dropping off!!!
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nquG3vov24 Safe Skies! John
  4. Greetings All! This trailer has taken 10 years of development and really is fantastic! Features include: Winch for loading Detachable ramps which bolt in the middle of the trailer when transporting Detachable wing rack supports Most pictures are self explanatory but let me know if you have any questions. Ciao, John
  5. Awesome, and very interesting to see how vortices form off a rotary wing! Thanks for sharing that!
  6. Awesome picture! Looks like a great aeroplane! Who supplies it/the kit?
  7. Hey Alan, The car is not the challenge . . . . look at the high voltage cables with the balls on it above the level of the car! Although these are never really a challenge with the type of aircraft (light/microlight) we fly out of Aeroden (850m)! Have an awesome day!
  8. Thank you kindly! Nah, developers are only prevalent at the main airports. We have SO many small airfields in remote locations, so flying is really a pleasure. For example, fly-aways to small game lodges is the order of the day!!
  9. Hey, Gidday Bob! It really is great to interact on a "foreign forum"! The different perspectives are great. Good to hear that you spent some quality time in South Africa. If ever you make a turn this way again be sure to look me up! Safe Flying!
  10. Just in case you thought I was kidding . . . . this was the airstrip just prior to takeoff today! And then, to top it off . . . . this is what was there to greet me at the pub after we had landed! Who said flying in Africa wasn't fun!
  11. Greetings from a sunny South Africa! As a new member I had to share one of my favorite pictures, which relates to this very relevant topic! Wingtip vortices! Often spoken about, but seldom seen . . . . . this visualisation courtesy of a US military cargo aircraft having deployed missile countermeasure flares. What wingtip vortices are and how they form is relatively simple to understand: The air on top of the wings of an aircraft in flight is at a lower pressure than the surrounding air. This is one of the basics of aerodynamics - Bernoulli's Principle The air underneath
  12. Cheers Alley! When I looked at your profile pic, at first glance I thought you were sitting in a somewhat flimsily constructed aircraft with your right hand on the controls!
  13. Training on BST!
  14. Thanks for the welcome Alan! Having flown hang gliders for 7 years a while ago, I am now busy with my trike license. I should be solo in two weeks. I fly (well, own and training in) an Aquilla 2 582 Rotax (I will upload a pic) from Aeroden (FAARDN on http://nav3000.free.fr/) in the Magaliesburg Mountains in South Africa. In true African fashion, one of the precautions on takeoff and landing is buck on the airstrip!
  15. Greetings Fellow Pilots! I have spent many hours on the tutorial section of this great forum! Blue Skies!
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