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  1. If the iPad fails do you lose everything? I don't like the idea of one thing does all.
  2. We had a Jabiru J170D at my flying club catch fire and burn to nothing while sitting in a hangar. Was 24 hours or so after its last flight. No explanation as far as I know.
  3. Jabiru7252

    100 hourly and the yearly inspection

    Jeeeez, that's bad. I do my services regularly and always have another to help with the 100 hourly. And, my log books are filled in as required. It does however seem crazy to go through the entire process for such few hours flown.
  4. Imagine you have done the 100 hourly on your plane. Then you only fly 8 hours before the yearly comes around. I wonder how many folks would go through the same work again considering so few hours have been flown.
  5. Jabiru7252

    Aircraft Mechanic Facing Theft Charges

    I hope somebody gave the bloke a good hiding.
  6. I have seen on quite a few occasions where folks put the cowling down so that it may get scratched (see photo), that is, they turn it upside down. Why?
  7. Jabiru7252

    Fuel Gauge for Jab SK

    Bruce, I used ultra-sonic sensor and Arduino to measure the level of water in a bucket with a view to developing a fuel gauge. It works well, let me know if you want to develop the thing further. I still have your Arduino stuff here, keep forgetting to bring it to the club.
  8. A lot of the stuff is taken down by software, that is, people are not even involved. It's the application of programs that are continually 'learning' until eventually it can 'censor' without fault. The day will come when 'AI' decides you are a bad person and sends a robot around to eliminate you. Hope you aren't a twin!
  9. So, was the mate an instructor taking the poor fellow through an 'endorsement' on the bigger aircraft? This is the sort of thing that damages our sport badly.
  10. Jabiru7252

    Plane crash near Stawell

    Well, the spin recovery is the same as what I was taught in the Tomahawk years ago.
  11. Dumb question perhaps but why do you need rudder trim in a twin engine aircraft?
  12. People can go totally irrational when facing certain death. I've heard some very bizarre 'mayday calls', one where the pilot just kept screaming "help help help" without ever releasing the button.
  13. Jabiru7252

    Fact or fiction

    I would hope that users of this site are not so gullible as to believe the video was real.
  14. Jabiru7252

    Urban Myths

    A golfer?
  15. Jabiru7252

    Fact or fiction

    I've been doing video editing for years and couldn't come up with something like that.