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  1. A witness clearly described the wing 'folding up'.
  2. News just coming in about a plane crash and two deceased in the Hunter Valley, NSW.
  3. After reading my post (Nov 17th) it looks like I'm suggesting this bloke did do a beat up. So, I'd like to say that I'm not suggesting anything. I wasn't there, didn't see a thing. I would like to add that I was once low over a fence because of a short strip, the wind stopped and I sunk like a rock. Had the tires been new, I would have hit that fence. Then many would have said I was flying too low.
  4. Oh well, we'll get up in the morning and go about our lives as normal but this dude will probably never fly again, maybe never do anything again without a limp, a bib or a napkin and all because of one dumb mistake. Think hard folks, DON'T decide a low, fast beat-up over the homestead is okay. DON"T think a wing-over is cool to impress your friends. You have already impressed them by having a pilot licence. Bogan attitudes won't do any of us in recreational aviation any good. Stay safe...
  5. As long as we keep our complaints on forums nothing will change. When we start dragging the greedy rich into the streets and beating them on the kidneys with big tree branches until they pee blood, things might change. But, having said that, I'm a greedy rich person to some while a lowly peasant to others. It's all too complicated. I'll have another drink instead.
  6. I think the original problem was: Can we have a solution such that during flight, and with some accuracy determine how much fuel is remaining in the tank of a Jabiru SK. The level is hard to see when it's low and swiveling around to view it isn't that easy. The Jabiru SK tank is not long and flat, it's a box shape. I think my idea would work. I also built a prototype level indicator on the bench using ultrasonic sensors and an Arduino micro purchased from Jaycar. That worked quite well, just more work getting it setup properly.
  7. Here's an idea. Have a tube with a sliding rod in it fixed to the top of the tank so that a float attached to the rod is just above the bottom of the tank. When the fuel gets low the float (and hence the rod) slide down allowing a micro switch connected to the top of the rod to activate a light on the dash. No electrics required in the tank and if the plane lands upside down, the fuel can't drain out of the tube because the end will then be above the fuel level. The rod assembly would not need be any wider than a pencil. Then again, it might be a nuisance having this assembly poking up out the top of the tank...
  8. Then I must ask, who in the Union has the right or expertise to comment? Surely they would consult the engineers? Maybe I'm expecting too much?
  9. If the engineers are saying the aircraft should be grounded, who in Qantas has the right or expertise to say that is nonsense?
  10. Today's UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are the UFOs of the 60s and 70s. Military research and development. People reporting UFO activity these days is almost non-existent because most know that those 'lights zipping about in the sky' are almost certainly some kid flying his $49.99 quad copter.
  11. The lack of circuit diagrams and board layout doesn't help a tech either. I wonder if there is a 'reset' button hidden away or a 'special' turn on sequence that might set the thing going again.
  12. I would think that in the 21st century there would be no need to have a paper based magazine. However, some think I'm stupid.
  13. Some books I have read and recommend.... Shadow of a Tiger by Lionel Parker. Boy Phoenix by Helen Blake. The Sky is Not the Limit by Matt Hall. QF32 by Richard de Crespigny. Amelia Earhart by Elgen Long and Marie Long. I found them all a good read.
  14. Yes, the audio says first lesson but the text overlay said third. Typical crap reporting I guess. I wonder if he had spent a lot of time playing flight simulator on the PC.
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