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  1. The news report I saw (Ch 9) said the plane flipped. As yet I have no idea what happened. Was it a landing gone wrong or a forced landing?
  2. Often I see aircraft identifying as R-NOT-S on Oz Runways. Sometimes it's doing 90kts down low, other times it's at FL30 and doing several hundred knots. Anybody know what the R-NOT-S means?
  3. If there's going to be a punch-up on this thread, please let me know. I'll grab some popcorn and watch because there is sweet FA on tele, that's for sure.....
  4. If we reduced our use of resources to just 1% of what we use now it wouldn't matter. Population growth is not being addressed and the fact is one day we'll run out of room. Imagine 50 billion or 100 billion trying to eat, sleep, take a dump and stay alive on a planet that struggles with 7.5 billion.
  5. Well, my Jab has never had a water leak, gearbox problems or unbalanced carbies....
  6. Yea, but out all the trips they did I bet most were lost at sea. These days we seem to create 'touchy-feely-stories' that defy the odds. Some are so ridiculous, it's laughable.
  7. It appears the wankers who create the news articles added the 'old' news, creating a false belief. Such unprofessional behavior.
  8. Work up Monday 13th to hear a 65 yo was killed near Darwin in a plane crash and another plane with two on board is missing in NSW.
  9. Let's say you buy a Hangar for $35,000. You rent it out for $50 a week. That's about thirteen and a half years to get that money back and that's not including any other costs you may incur.
  10. How this comment applies to Ham Radio is amazing. When we actually built our own gear and got it on air - what a thrill that was. Now you buy the gear from China and get on air but hardly know how the stuff works and still think 'skip' is something the radio has. The dumbing down of society is such a crime.
  11. My Jabiru shares a hangar with an FK9. I know heaps of folks who have flown the plane and like it. Some say the flap speed is so low that you have to get them up real quick after take-off. One day I'll get a ride in the thing.
  12. I didn't bother with 1 nm measurements. To fly better than about plus/minus 3 degrees over 60 nm is doing pretty good. Also, without decent ground features to identify the 1 in 60 technique is hard to apply. Here's a track I flew on a wet and windy day. Dodging rain showers made things interesting. The GPS was just logging my track, no display available. Maybe there is no link to the graph, the dude who posted it may have created it himself. I'd like to know what he used as Excel is crap. I use Python for stuff like that.
  13. Good Heavens - I learnt the 1 in 60 rule 35 years ago, I didn't think anybody bothered these days, especially with the electronic gizmos. The 1 in 60 rule is used to estimate angles to determine track and heading changes. If you're off track by (say) 30 degrees and have been for (say) 10 minutes you would use diversion procedures to get back on track. Pages 14-19 to 14-27 in book 2 - Meteorology & Navigation by Trevor Thom. The 1 in 60 rule is much easier to apply when you have your track marked on a map with lines every 15nm or so. I only ever used it on big navs that required the WAC and covered hundreds of nm. I am glad I stayed awake during geometry/trigonometry class because that's what the 1 in 60 is all about. I love this stuff, it keeps my remaining neuron active...
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