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  1. If you join on the dead side at 1500 you may conflict with traffic departing overhead. I was taught to join on the dead side at circuit height.
  2. From what I understand, they had to be freed from the aircraft. Hate those canopies that can trap you if your plane flips.
  3. I have not read the many responses to this post but do need to say this. Nobody wants to dogfight anymore. They all want to fire off their missiles and get the hell out of danger. Be it ASRAAM, AMRAAM or AIM9 - launch it and bugger off.
  4. Landing in Canola is like landing in wire netting. I'll take the wheat anytime....
  5. When I suggest Oz-Runways could have a warning about busting last light I am NOT suggesting flight planning etc. should be ignored. I'm old school. I use maps and a compass, steam gauges, ground-speed-distance calculations with a whizz-wheel when I do a nav. I bet half the pilots flying RAAus wouldn't be doing so. Can I ask this; Do you who use Oz-Runways have a track on a map in case your iPad dies?
  6. If you catch the thief, give him a kick in the face for me...
  7. A lot of pilots use Oz-Runways with their iPads. Maybe a big red warning should flash up if it detects that a pilot is going to bust last light.
  8. The Glassair will kill you quicker too if you're not real careful.
  9. Jabiru7252

    Jabiru J170

    Time Left: 18 days and 15 hours

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    Jabiru J170 built 2009 in Bundaberg. Only 160 hours, always hangared and maintained. Never pranged or mishandled. Flies beautifully and looks new inside and out. Looking at around $55K. Otherwise she'll just waste away.


    Gawler, South Australia - AU

  10. So, does this write all its data to a file? That would be VERY useful in a post crash investigation.
  11. Jabiru7252


  12. That sounds like you're blaming the system. If a fool flies at night without a rating and/or in a unrated aircraft, then that's their stupidity.
  13. If they departed William Creek at 4pm for Leigh Creek, 150nm away, I would imagine it getting dark by the time they arrived.
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