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  1. Today's UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are the UFOs of the 60s and 70s. Military research and development. People reporting UFO activity these days is almost non-existent because most know that those 'lights zipping about in the sky' are almost certainly some kid flying his $49.99 quad copter.
  2. The lack of circuit diagrams and board layout doesn't help a tech either. I wonder if there is a 'reset' button hidden away or a 'special' turn on sequence that might set the thing going again.
  3. I would think that in the 21st century there would be no need to have a paper based magazine. However, some think I'm stupid.
  4. Some books I have read and recommend.... Shadow of a Tiger by Lionel Parker. Boy Phoenix by Helen Blake. The Sky is Not the Limit by Matt Hall. QF32 by Richard de Crespigny. Amelia Earhart by Elgen Long and Marie Long. I found them all a good read.
  5. Yes, the audio says first lesson but the text overlay said third. Typical crap reporting I guess. I wonder if he had spent a lot of time playing flight simulator on the PC.
  6. His first lesson? I understand it was his third. Regardless, he did a good job. Let's hope the instructor is okay.
  7. We have a number of 3D printers at work, some quite large and expensive. I do find it weird that folks will spend 4 hours getting something printed when the same part can be made in the machine shop in 30 minutes and do exactly the same job, especially when material and weight are not an issue. Perhaps the sound of the printer running is the key? It is quite musical.
  8. Spent more than a few hours in the back of a 40 year old Lear jet, packed full of electronics and computers. Great fun until the chundering starts...🤢
  9. That was worth watching!
  10. Jabiru7252

    Boeing E-7A Wedgetail

    Apparently they can hear a fly clear its throat 50 miles away.
  11. If you join on the dead side at 1500 you may conflict with traffic departing overhead. I was taught to join on the dead side at circuit height.
  12. From what I understand, they had to be freed from the aircraft. Hate those canopies that can trap you if your plane flips.
  13. I have not read the many responses to this post but do need to say this. Nobody wants to dogfight anymore. They all want to fire off their missiles and get the hell out of danger. Be it ASRAAM, AMRAAM or AIM9 - launch it and bugger off.
  14. Landing in Canola is like landing in wire netting. I'll take the wheat anytime....
  15. When I suggest Oz-Runways could have a warning about busting last light I am NOT suggesting flight planning etc. should be ignored. I'm old school. I use maps and a compass, steam gauges, ground-speed-distance calculations with a whizz-wheel when I do a nav. I bet half the pilots flying RAAus wouldn't be doing so. Can I ask this; Do you who use Oz-Runways have a track on a map in case your iPad dies?
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