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  1. Many thanks to you both for assistance - I found and bought a copy through Abebooks rather than Amazon supplier, who couldn't ship outside the UK.
  2. On this topic does anyone know where I can find a copy of The Air Cadet's Handbook on HOW TO PILOT AN AEROPLANE by Captain Norman MacMillan M.C., A.F.C. published in 1940 by George Allen & Unwin Ltd, London? If anyone has a copy I would be very grateful if I could borrow it - and pay all postage of course to Qld and return. Here's a jpg of the title page. Louise
  3. Hearing some of the horror stories from fellow pilots about various failures in the currently being reviewed Australian aircraft, I'm real happy we chose to buy a Tecnam Echo in over ten years ago. My Tecnam is a superlative aircraft has taken me far and wide - furthest to northern WA - without demur. The only time I flew a (new) Jabiru into my 900m farm strip it had an engine failure mid -final and I had to resort to dead stick landing. Clearly, I managed that! Later I learned it was due to fuel starvation - OK, but this was a new aircraft destined for a number of ab initio students.
  4. Louise, I Think The problem has been resolved, we just need confirmation from Ra Aus. and do as requested to allow the 600 Kgs Jim G
  5. On my ASI arcs are on the glass - just need new arc decals I believe. Louise
  6. Great news! Just spoken with RAA-Aus and confirmed that all the Tecnams recently and cruelly downgraded from 544kg to 450kg may now be upraded to 600kg, providing each aircraft owner verifies that they have an updated flight manual, maintenance manual, manoeuvring speed placard and airspeed indicator instrument(? not sure why we need a new instrument). RAA-Aus is apparently writing to all Tecnam owners outlining the process to upgrade. I thank Bruce Stark, Tecnam Australia, for his work to achieve parity with NZ Tecnams along with Mick Poole the CASA tech officer. A much relieved,
  7. Of course, you're right - I got that back to front!
  8. Yes. That would be the acceptance certificate Bruce provided to RAA just after he registered my Echo GA. I'm trying to understand what's wrong with it.
  9. Bought a P92S/Echo in 2002 - MTOW 544kg. When it arrived, Bruce Stark was unable to get it registered with RAA due to the weight restriction which was then 450kg by default. Having sold us an aircraft with a 544kg MTOW, he very kindly had it registered VH-experimental, so I could fly it and actually take a passenger and do a decent flight. Not long after the appropriate documentation was supplied by Tecnam to RAA. We changed the rego to RAA with no problems. I've renewed this rego every year since, until now, I'm told by RAA that they don't have an appropriate certificate for 544kg.
  10. Fresh air flight in my Echo Yes, I took the doors off once (note once) in a moment of photographic enthusiasm! Removed everything loose first. Performance was unimpaired. However it was hellish windy and a little scary since my 100HP Oskar has car seat belts,not a harness. Louise
  11. If you decide you need an EPIRB - check out Whitworth's Marine - got best price there last week for Accusat pocket pro MT410G.
  12. Anyone looking for an EPIRB or PLB should check out Whitworths Marine :thumb_up: - I just bought a MT410 with GPS for $599 - that's much less than at Natfly and more than $100 less from other suppliers. Whitworths Marine: Safety Equipment > EPIRB's & PLB's Louise
  13. Hiya, Thanks for your reply - I had some good advice from Linda and have installed the Odyssey PC 680 as she did. In Oz they come with SAE fittings but the right size allan keyremoves these and reveals a simple screw in terminal position, which keeps the cables almost flush with the top of the batttery. Because there's no cover to these terminals I've stuck some foam liner/insulation to the metal top of the battery cavity just in case. It's a cosy fit. The PC680 packs a lot of punch, but doesn't come cheap at $290. I went to a solar/auto electrical fellow who deals with boat & mot
  14. Has anyone replaced a battery yet ?Maybe not, my Oskar is one of the oldest Tecnams around. Can anyone give me advice as to which Odyssey battery I need, Brucereckoned thereis one which fits OK if you remove the metal jacket - and where to get it. Or, any alternatives? Bearing in mind that I live in qld west of the range. Any feedback gratefully received!
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