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  1. yep thruster88 you are spot on but don't ask why it was not same as the that hidden message about parking in the fine print neil
  2. is that on top off admission fee must have been in the fine print neil
  3. yep doing a 6 hr drive to get there neil
  4. I was learning at penfeild feb feb 05 had the pleasure of meeting the previous owner mr penny what a interesting man he was terry Otway was my instructor rip young fella neil
  5. you gotta be joking you would have my vote but I got out off your organization because I could see this type of crap happening when the rules changed to allow two to do as they bloody well please neil
  6. hi nig71 your mental state makes a difference to how mutch you can digest at training you can do three or four hrs per day BUT I would not 1hr in the morning 1hr in the afternoon every second day leaving lesson to far apart at this stage is not in your best interest neil
  7. take bloody look at the work raaus bloody LAME L4 done on my aircraft and the FAILED to do any thing about it I don't trust raaus and their crap and corruption so I CUT my AIRCRAFT in half rather than sell it neil
  8. sorry yenn seen a meeting were kasper was present and the brass at the top brought along the legal side and bullyed kasper they will do anything to shut him up kenlsa your so called organization has spent a miiiion on the so called modern tecnolegy and yet what have you got for it pure bullxxx neil
  9. fred/ oh deary me I hate to be the one to say I told you so I personally cut araa plane in half because of the so called leaders so called progressive look what I am doing to make life miserable for the members when I said to the current CEO that l1 questions are to easy his reply and I quote "that is so every one can pass unquote" the current tec asked by me when are you going to make those fitting off rotax motors do it asper the rotax manual his reply was quote" don't make waves" un quote I have said anything that comes from raaus get it in writing and until its in the manual you cant do it neil
  10. jim raaus have a deed off agreement that states what raaus will do and that they report to CASA what this deed is written by raaus every 12 months failure by raaus to administer in accordance with that agreement should raaus fail to report then no more raaus raaus failed to notify CASA of the repair off my aircraft the failure off raaus to administer good governance in a case that has been brought up here is why they raaus got in the sheet a few years ago sscbd please I know a virgin capt who flys jumbos he has to do a BFR to fly a raaus plane please obtain a copy off the regulations for raaus and read them carefully neil
  11. for Christ sake wake up 500 kgs mtow 45 stall end off story I repeat 500 kgs mtow 45 stall some have got their ambitions and capsbilies a bit out off wack the bigger you go the more waky ideas that are getting aired self maintain I don't think so over 500 kgs mtow cta you want to go there transponder radio will be required plus med you want the freedom to fly nothing is free as the costs are going up you wanted you wanted you are all getting jack xxxx for your money read the deed that raa wrote for casa neil
  12. ops there at it again more what in the hell do you want questions that don't mean a thing when are the results off the last servey going to be out neil
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