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  1. Howard Hughes

    The "C" in CASA

    That's a well thought out post OME.
  2. No need to satisfy CAO 40.2.1 anymore!
  3. It's just like asking if you use iPhone or Android, people tend to be advocates for the one they use, which is generally the only one they have tried. Me, I use Avplan, greatest thing since sliced bread, my only criticism would be that it is a little heavy on power usage.
  4. Howard Hughes

    Gliding clubs Sydney basin.

    Camden is the first one that springs to mind!
  5. Howard Hughes

    Cockpit Photos??

    It won't go any faster, but it will seem like it while you pass the time watching movies!
  6. Howard Hughes

    What got you into flying?

    Went on my first aircraft at age 3, decided there and then. Of course man landed on the moon the next year and that just cemented it!
  7. Howard Hughes

    Polaris RIB Advice and Suggestions

    Or maybe it is!
  8. Howard Hughes


    Or as in "I'd give my left one for a jet"?
  9. Howard Hughes


    AA is always hard to pronounce in a callsign, nearly always comes out as alfalfa. Many years ago I used to fly 'alfalfapapa'!
  10. Howard Hughes

    Recreational Aviation Fiji

    Do you have GA aircraft for hire as well? I'll be there in June/July wouldn't mind a scenic flight!
  11. Howard Hughes

    CASA and GO PRO - internal and external mounting legislation

    "my back seat passenger was holding the camera your honour", "what do you mean I don't have a back seat, well who was holding it then" ?
  12. Looks like some angry bloke fixed the title! Or is that angel?
  13. Howard Hughes

    Sliding Window Vent

    If it's attached to an aircraft, you always add two zeros! The perspex sunvisor on an aircraft I used to fly was $3000, engineers had one made up at local perspex place for $30, the tinting never was as good as the original, but I'm not sure it was worth the extra $2970!
  14. Howard Hughes

    RC-3 Seabee rebuild

    Some were modded later on in life into twins! http://www.seabee.info/twinbee.htm
  15. Howard Hughes

    Drones on farms

    I quite agree with your privacy concerns, but the majority of consumer drones that are on the market don't have much in the way of zoom and are pretty useless for spying on people. Have a look at the myriad of drone video/shots available on the internet, we don't have much to worry about at the moment.