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  1. Barry, Military Airspace when active is still controlled airspace. (see references quoted by ARO) So RA-AUS RPC only - No Go. RA-AUS aircraft and current PPL - Maybe. Aircraft must meet the requirements and PPL must have the airspace endorsements. R421 usually closes 12:30 Friday through to Monday morning, so is available to RA-AUS aircraft and pilots. Note that R453 is often still active on weekends, even when R421 is de-active.
  2. Hallelujah Brother. If not Oval circuit, at least the Downwind to Final turn. I believe the FAA are evaluating the proposal, or if not are being lobbied to.
  3. Jetjr, This is what I was trying to post this morning before rushing off to work.
  4. Hi Jetjr, The vane is a modified version of the cobra head fitting that attaches the scat hose to the carby mouth on a standard Jab install. They have fitted intersecting plates that run the length of the cobra head, effectively dividing the tube into 4 sections. Normally you would install the cobra head so that the outlet sits nicely in line with the outlet from the air box, keeping the scat hose run nice and straight.Because it clamps to the carby mouth you can rotate it a little either direction. jabiru cobra head - Google Search
  5. ... that's the standard Jabiru crossvane mounted at the carby inlet.
  6. Hi Jaba, We recently installed a cross vane (from Jabiru) in a roller follower J230. We found that rotating the crossvane produced large changes in EGT behaviour between cylinders. After a fair bit of trial and error we finally narrowed in to a position that gave a nice even spread in both climb and cruise. Regards, Bruce
  7. CASA plain english wording! In the Instrument the restrictions apply to Group A, which is Hydraulic Lifter (Flat Tappet) or what they called Generation 2 in the report.
  8. I have seen a Rotax 914 operating quite normally with a leaking carby bowl, but it is still possible depending on whether it's just leaking or the fuel level is too high causing flooding. I had a problem with similar symptoms on a 912 UL that turned out to be a faulty muffler. Of course that was the last thing checked, after we'd already turned the carbies inside out several times.
  9. Just to clarify, there was a flying Buzz Bomb ( R/ C), and some static models. The flying model was re-cycled, but the static models were spectacularly destroyed for the entertainment of all the big boys and girls.
  10. Classic Fighters ( this one) and Warbirds over Wanaka are similar shows, both bi- annual, but on opposing years, so there is now a top class show every Easter.
  11. We'll done Ozzie, that's exactly what is was. The strong winds on the Saturday blew the exploding fuel onto the grass, starting a grass fire that required the attentions of a couple of fire trucks. Show was very well done, as is usual for all the Kiwi air shows I've seen. Some world class displays, and plenty of " almost close enough to touch" action. If you like WWI or WWII action, then block out Easter and head for New Zuland.
  12. Camping stores or direct from the designer bluescrew.com.au
  13. Hi Happy Flyer, I can understand the icing, but how does C of G and trim affect the stall AofA ? Or are you just referring to the stick position? Regards, Bruce