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  1. Doug check out the Ozrunways site. Got full instructions including where to buy all the bits and pieces.
  2. thanks oscar. yes I'm very interested in the CAMit stuff so will keep an eye on it. only issue i see is that, if i buy a used 230, the lch mod would be a lot cheaper than a new engine.
  3. thanks jetjr. training isn't an issue as we have a 230 at our school, so I'll have plenty of hours in that by the time i buy one. i don't rekon ill be doing any maintenance myself. im way more dangerous than any jab engine is. will keep an eye on the Camit engine over the next 6 months or so. would be good to hear how people are going with them...
  4. I'm enjoying learning a lot from this forum. There's so much to learn and I've found this to be one of the best resources for the new rec pilot. As someone with not much of an idea, I'd be interested to hear what you guys think of this new engine and it's applicability to aviation. How have they managed to produce so much power from such a small engine? Is the technology applicable to aviation? what are the technical hurdles etc etc. I'm looking to buy a jab 230 after my training as I rekon the pros of the airframe and cost outweigh the question marks over the engine....but it would be good
  5. Yep will be looking to buy in about a year I rekon. Not sure what yet. Ideally I'd like to find one or two others to split it with. If that happens I'd like to look at a pipistrel virus sw. If not and it's just me I'll probably go with a jab or a Morgan Sierra. Still got a while to figure it out! Went up again yesterday in hot blustery conditions. Reminded me that I have lots of work to do!
  6. I hadn't been up for a couple of weeks, so it took me a couple of laps with the instructor to get my eye back in. For some reason, when the instructor asked me to pull into the ramp, it didn't even occur to me that he was going to get out. I'm not sure why, but it was probably a good thing as I didn't have any time to think about it! Anyway, he spun me around and I was on my way. Of the 11 or so hours I've done so far, I think I've only had one day with little wind. I had actually started to get used to how much of a challenge it can be to get the darn thing on the ground with a little gust
  7. Hi viruspilot. Good to hear they perform as advertised. Certainly seem unmatched in the Lab field as far as speed and economy are concerned. Was looking to put an order in later in the year, but with the AUD continuing to slide against the Euro, it's looking less and less likely!
  8. My perfect plane is a pipistrel virus sw. 140 kt cruise, slow stall speed, 17:1 glide ratio, spoilers to get down fast if needed, 17 lph fuel flow, great climb performance and can be put in a trailer in 15 minutes. Now I just need to dig up 150k!
  9. Hi All. I'm fairly new to the RAA scene (doing my training out at Murray Bridge, SA). Loving it so far and have found this site to be very valuable, especially when it comes to researching different types of aircraft. I'm still about 2 years from buying, mainly because I think it will take me that long to work out what I really need/want. I'm doing my training in a Jab and have obviously taken an interest in the heated debate that seems to pop up on this site pretty frequently. As someone without an agenda on the issue, it seems that there are a lot of black and white opinions. Shouldn't we
  10. When you get there go to a verizon store and get a prepaid mifi. Cost $100 for the device and then $100 for 12gb of data. That way you can use the nav on your ipad/iphone/android etc.
  11. Wow. I was literally reading this thread with the TV on when the news update came on with a story of 2 pilots being rescued from Bass Strait. Eerie, but glad they both survived!!
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