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  1. Skip


  2. Hi OME Thank you for your reply I will contact you shortly. Skip
  3. Thank you for your advice it is most welcomed Skip
  4. Could anyone help me with a company and cost to service a Altimeter please Skip
  5. On the Xcom it say you can turn on 137 to 168MHz frequency but who or what uses it Skip
  6. Could anyone who is a rad tech or good as that I could fly to from Collinsville and check my radio out as I am having what I reckon is small but annoying problems but hard to explain. If I took it and let someone check it out it would be easier than me trying to explain it. Please if anyone could help it would be great but will have to wait till after Yasi is finished Skip
  7. Admin

    Hi Skip Can you tell me which story you are referring to so I can check what may be the problem...thanks
  8. Innisfail had one a couple of years ago
  9. Skip

    Hi Ian I just tried to access your story you came across and it said I did not have permission Skip
  10. I have had 2 engine failures 1 at 1100ft and 1 efato at 80ft and you would be surprised how your training comes back to you. Skip
  11. HI Toally87 Yes I am quite happy to have it on the music imput as I bought the plane with it already in, and thank you for all the trouble you are going to. Skip
  12. Gibbo thank you for your information I really appreciate it Skip
  13. I have a X Com radio with the intercom and music imput built in and not sure which UHF yet. I am going to put a new hand grip in so the PPT buttons are in one place. I wouldalso have it the same as the music imput where it cuts out once aircraft radio kicks in. Skip
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