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  1. BigPete


  2. My 11 year old factory built J160c has done 947 hours and is running just fine. BigPete.
  3. I have an iPad mini (latest version) 128g and iOS 9.3.2 installed with no problems.
  4. I too have had an ongoing issue with misfiring, running rough on take off. Checked everything that's been posted here. Fuel flow, spark plug leads, distributor caps, etc, etc. Then I was given a spare coil that came off a Jabiru that had a cold start kit fitted to it, so I knew it was good. Fitted the coil (the gap was a bugger to set, used thin card board) to what I thought was the bad side. But this made no difference. Still misfired on take off. Feeling that "Murphys Law" was in play, I then swapped the replaced coil (the one we removed) with the other one (the one I didn't touch). This went very smoothly as I had already done it recently (very) and I still had my pieces of cardboard! Took a few turns to get it started (A breakthrough clue, but I didn't know it then) and took off once again still misfiring. Back safely on the ground I decided to put in new plugs (the old ones had only done 30 hours but I was now clutching at straws AND I better re-check the coil gaps. I'm positive that I set them at .0012" but they measured .0017" - WTF!!! So to cut an embarrassing story short I re-set the coil gaps to .0010" (a few thou under to allow for Murphy) and went flying. Climbed like a scalded cat. Problem fixed. Hope this may help.
  5. G'day Pete, don't see as much of you on here as I'd like. Hope you are going well and have adjusted to life after your sad loss. Have thoughts lots about you, but don't wish intrude, take care mate, and I can only wish you well. Rgds Alan
  6. 6 cyl jabi engine for sale on Raa website
  7. G'day Keith. I've only flown 16 hours so far this year. I need to go some where.... Wentworth?
  8. G'day bigpete, just saw your post in the morse code thread, you might know my old man, Bob Fellows, he was at Watsonia in the 70's, served with signals in Vietnam, in his 70's now but still going strong
  9. Thanks Doug. My brother will pick me up and take me to the hospital. Be great if I can put the Jabiru in under cover. If not, where is the best Place to tie down? Regards
  10. Have to go to Murray Bridge on Friday. Mum in Law in a bad way under palliative care with only weeks to go. Any chance of hanger accom for Jabiru 160 for Friday night, all day Sat and Sat night leaving on Sun morning. Happy to pay for space. Please PM me or answer here. Regards Peter.
  11. Can nanyone who is going to the meeting PM me with your name AND address so I can make my Proxy vote count. regards
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