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  1. I have one of these too, so maybe I will use it. Wasn't sure if they were as good, and also didn't know if you can store in memory. Have found out last night that u can.
  2. I have an Icom IC-A24 radio in my aircraft, but it is time to replace due to a small problem. Is there other options of the same or better quality and features in handheld?
  3. There is no Aero Endorsement that can be attached to an RPL. You would just have to do your PPL and then go for those other endorsements. Only the following endorsements can be added to an RPL: controlled aerodrome endorsement controlled airspace endorsement flight radio endorsement (this requires an aviation English language proficiency assessment) recreational navigation endorsement (this requires minimum flight time of five hours solo cross-country and a minimum of two hours dual instrument time, of which at least one hour is instrumen
  4. Congratulations once again Geoff. I love the honesty in your posts/story to date. How you have felt the highs and lows of the flight training process. I can relate to all of it. Its easier to get on here and boast about the great landing we did today and how accurate we were on our Navs blah blah blah, but rarely mention of our mistakes (everyone makes them. Its the only way to learn stuff). I didn't feel like a real pilot either, but am starting to move to that area now. I have a GA licence also with a CSU / Retract endorsement, but it does take a while to sink in, that I actually 'am'
  5. You can only do your Theory Exam once. Once you pass,.. that's it. Maybe you meant that you have done RA Theory and are doing a GA Theory exam You will probably not pass a PPL with RA Aus theory, as there was a big push on finding rules and regs out of AIP and Ops etc. I remember a question on Daylight and Darkness charts for someplace interstate and trying to be as fast as I could in plotting Co-ordinates on the test and then going to the UTC time etc etc. Now its all on your GPS info. The PPL theory exams are more in depth than RA and the theory exam was a 3hr open book exam when
  6. Yes I did the English Language Test also. I forgot about that one. It triggers the radio endorsement also.
  7. Hi 01rmb I guess you have done your GA Flight review also. You may find that when you get the boxes ticked for Controlled Aerodrome and Controlled Airspace, it may activate the Radio Endorsement. I know that it should transfer from RAA, but maybe its a different requirement. I did my radio licence back when I started flying in 1998 and my GFPT. My radio was already on my CASA Licence, so I didn't have to get it transferred from RA Certificate. Just keep doing your CTA etc and get those boxes ticked. Good Luck !!
  8. A rebuild is sounding better to me at this time, but who knows !!!
  9. I guess if its Vh registered, it complies with CASA requirements for GA. GA is exactly what it says.......... 'General' Aviation
  10. Rather than worry about the technicality, I just think RA should just stay outside airspace. We new that when we took the RA path. Or.........get a CASA licence
  11. Hahaha. Yes exactly. You would technically be swapping licence privileges, as you indicate. If you are transponder equipped (and have the Endorsement) you could get clearance go through CTA, as you are actually endorsed to do so. My RPL has the CTA Endorsement, but my ultralight wouldn't qualify. I just go around, but in the 172 I go straight through !!! Its a very grey area when you are the holder of 2 qualifications. 2 Aircraft and 2 different licenses really. CASA wont give RA Aus the option for Controlled Airspace in my opinion. Some expert will no doubt reply to this, and h
  12. There is no RAA CTA Endo. I did mine in a VH aircraft at a GA school under my existing Student Licence. I did my flight training under GA and converted to RA Aus after a long break from flying. I don't think that RA will have the Endorsement for a long time. I think the general view is that if you want to fly in CTA you should go GA. I don't agree really, as many OCTA areas take our little machines over some not so favourable terrain. That's another story though. I also don't believe that I can fly my 19 aircraft into CTA even with my RPL licence/Endorsement. Im not phased by that.
  13. I did the same when redoing my Class 2 Medical. I was too honest, but I just had to get a letter confirming my illness was not an ongoing matter.
  14. Yes I did it in a 172RG. I had a GA student License years ago and then got out of flying. I started back with RA and then updated my latest GA Endorsements in the Cessna
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