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  1. Gota love Glider pilots every flight ends with a forced landing.
  2. Steve Donald

    120hpTurboprop engine

    Congrats awsome project
  3. Steve Donald

    Murwillumba aircraft missing.

    Ive had fair amount of time in the Sonerai 11L very responsive spins easy builds speed fast if your not on it quick as it bites there was a wing mod AD years ago some dont have it . The aircraft was originally designed as a Formula V Pilon Racer 18ft 6 wingspan . If its ended up inverted on the ground you cannot get out something i took a lot of notice of. I hope this Man is found just awful
  4. Steve Donald

    Pilot Killed in Accident near Moomba

    The news reported the Beacon was activated at 2015 light is not an issue or indicates the Aircraft was flying the investigation will reveal what happened, God bless Luke and his Family a great young Man he will be dearly missed.
  5. Steve Donald

    Taking ya mate for a fly think twice

    Oh hell really no way I could handle anything like that, what the hec have I got myself into what a mess.
  6. Steve Donald

    Taking ya mate for a fly think twice

    Thank you, Your Wife is a wise Woman, I have heard similar views from Doctor Aviators for years now it certainly ups the cost for insurance for all of us and in each category that we require it. As for points 1&2 Spot on, Cheers Steve
  7. Steve Donald

    Taking ya mate for a fly think twice

    Once I'm feeling better I will Complete an accurate accessment of the cause, I think it unwise to guess because some people start fiddling with their engines to search of a bogus, and then may lead to creating one, its happened on a few Jab engines I know of so as soon as I find the exact problem I will post it immediately .
  8. Steve Donald

    Taking ya mate for a fly think twice

    No it's not RAAUZ this fellow chased around looking for compensation and finally phoned RAAUZ he said they told him he had to write me a letter of demand then I send it to RAAUZ with a copy of the accident report, Then RAAUZ send it to PBS insurance brokers in Sa the insurance co is Alliance, But no no payments made yet and when they do accept a claim then I get hit with a excess cost, I was told they often delay the processing order to observe if doubts arise which can then cost the claimant even genuine cost he has his own income cover no waiting period , he does the same job as me , I am at work now 12hr shift did a 3hr this morning he's talking another month off yet, he's partying towing boats fishing quad bike riding, no way could I d those things but I can do my job bloody sore, but satisfying because the contrast is s o evident I will post my CT report just so others can see what I am saying is fact, this has been very interesting , but I must say how great it is to get advise support and objective ideas, and for that I am very thankful cheers guys
  9. Steve Donald

    Taking ya mate for a fly think twice

    Yea I know Mike, but you have to get it correct some punctuation correct I actually enjoy writing but thos ,,,....?..,,"" give me the pips after 3 Scotches doesn't mix with Endone to well ha
  10. Steve Donald

    Taking ya mate for a fly think twice

    I hope your right Mike, I'm really stressed about it, I just can't believe the formal request,I had already said send me your bills anyway,I just felt ill so I got a Dr to clear me for work start back Fri , I will stay on my back until then hopefully it will hold good enough
  11. Steve Donald

    Taking ya mate for a fly think twice

    Y Yea I know mate and agree but it's hard to take when this happens, aim glad all has worked out well for you .I also agree its a great thing to do have so many good times and adventure people don't understand it , but I guess I'm just at the end of the road I guess overall beware of those with no integrity as people. All the best Steve
  12. Steve Donald

    Taking ya mate for a fly think twice

    Yes my concern's were written in a continuance , without regard for spelling or punctuation . However when I write reports for the Courts such as Social background reports to assist children in distress, The Judges take favour in my information as an author who provides the situation at the time. Sir Professor Hedley at Adelaide Uni said, those that can do, those that cannot teach , thank you for your compassion the world is round and comes around each day, you have a good day Sir
  13. Hi steve , glad to hear your not seriously hert , Your post is just a sad reality of today's system , Anyway , I've given this personal message because IDE like to catch up Are you available sometime soon as I've got something I want to talk about face to face , Cheers mike.sharples Hawker 86484018. Any time