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  1. Sorry to anyone who replied and requested information via the hushmail email address in my last post. I changed my net provider not long after that post and as such it has not been available for contact. As I have now been out of the aviation scene for quite a while now it is only fair that you contact Brumby for the latest and most up to date technical information & specifications. Cheers RJ
  2. Its been 4 Yrs from my first encounter & test flight with the Brumby brand at NatflyTemora in April 2014. This is my final post on this thread "Aircraft being built". Our wings have been sold. It has new Rego & an enthusastic and caring owner, it was great to see it move on to a pilot who appreciated the extras that we included in our original build specifications, if any pilots would like feedback contact me by email at .......... [email protected] Safe & enjoyable flying to all Cheers RJ
  3. 912iS Factory fitted engine in a new Aircraft 2015 Hi My new engine has now done about 100 hours. 130 landings majority in my paddock strips (Extra vibrations) & no prodlems 1/ The 4 electrical sensor connectors on the top Air box must be kept really tight as per the Rotax fix for this problem. If not you will get the Lane A light coming on. I had this happen a number of times prior to the fix 2/ Make sure you get the starting sequence correct. 1/4 Throttle. Toggle switch down - Wait until both lights go off - While keeping toggle switch down use other finger to press the starter b
  4. We took possession of our new VH Registered Brumby 912iS R610 Highwing on 12th Feb 2016 I flew it home with Phil Goad a few days later after some training & a flight check. 3-1/2hrs Cowra - Central Vic We cruised around 4500' @ 15 - 16 LPH 100K ground speed Aircraft Includes: All integrated Dynon Avionics: SkyView D1000 & WiFi adapter to quickly upload AvPlan flight plans direct from our iPad mini. Dynon Video input module & all has a back up battery. Dynon Transponder with ADSB out. 2 x Axis Auto pilot with an additional seperate Dynon knob module controller re: On &
  5. 24/12/2015 Its registered, I am told it looks great, but unfortunately the Christmas shut down came a tad early for us. Still a bit of test flying / Autopilot calibration RJ
  6. Cockpit pics are great, nice to hear your clocking up some hours, thanks for the heads up re the the PAI vertical compass card, It would certainly be a great addition to many cockpit layouts. I have been doing some reading on how to calibrate the SkyView compass. Another job on my to do list. Cheers RJ
  7. Update…. The fuselage looks good with the new 912iS fitted. The following components have been fitted: Steering push rods, Dual pedals, Master cylinder, Brake reservoir, Throttle cable, Oleo front wheel assembly. Wings – Tail / Elevators have been manufactured. Alloy fuel lines and a header tank are to be fitted. All Dynon avionics with 3 dedicated knob controllers and 3 round gauges was to become our final choice. Brumby said that they have just recently installed there first 912iS engine with Dynon Avionics very similar to ours in a low wing. They said that it flew perfectl
  8. Thanks for the report. Interested in your take off weight. From what you have said I should have no trouble getting in and out of my grass strips. If you are ever fully loaded I would be interested in your findings re short field / normal take off on a grass strip. Cheers RJ
  9. Thanks for posting the fantastic photos. Up to now there has not been a lot of good quality "Airborne" Brumby photos out there. Both the Aircraft and scenery are very impressive. Albany and surrounding areas are definitely on my to visit list. Cheers RJ PS...Any chance of posting a YouTube video with a Go Pro inside the cockpit / combined windscreen shots of the King George Sound if you can get hold of a camera. I'm sure there would be many hits around Aus and world wide.
  10. Hi Poteroo, I will give you a call. Serial No-044. Avionics...I priced in the latest Dynon re what you recommended plus a bit more, and an Anderson plug also, I might as well spend the shekels now as I sure dont wont be making too many changes down the track. Interesting about the strobes, I'll look into that and the knee high air inlets also. I liked your comments re weight. I have a sheep paddock hence the larger wheels. As for other extras, well I could do with losing a few Kg and this may be the catalyst. I too will be getting about locally with about 70L and only top up to its max all
  11. Fantastic news. Congratulations. You have been waiting a while. I viewed another happy customers High wing at the Air Show. It was a very nicely finished Aircraft and the owner was very happy with his purchase. From the photos you posted the overall finish of yours also looks good. I have watched some fantastic flying weather come and go since we ordered our 610 which has been frustrating. I travel to Cowra this Saturday to view the fuselage / undercarriage, it seems that the Fuel Inj Rotax has now been fitted along with the Avionics initial fitting to check that everything is fitted in its r
  12. Thanks Maj, great to read your comments, hopefully in the not to far away future we'll also be heading off around mainland Aus and Tassie. Nice to hear of yet another High wing Brumby successfully getting about and being noticed. H'm Retired Qantas Pilot in a Brumby High wing with Rotax 912, that gives me confidence re our purchase, wonder if it was the fuel injected model. thanks RJ
  13. Ha Ha, ? Was it a Typo or was it code for my age on joining this forum, if we ever meet you will find out, at least it got me a response, are you a Brumby flyer or are you waiting in the Brumby Queue or maybe just following Brumby Aircraft in general RJ
  14. This forum has made it easy to make contact with some members on the Brumby order book. Thanks for the information and feed back. Loved the photos of Vev's new Red Black & White Brumby 610 he sent me, he said it was delivered about a week ago, he has offered to take me for a flight out of Tyabb, I look forward to taking him up on his offer in October, his Aircraft does look great and he said it has lived up to his expectations. We look forward to our 610 being manufactured and delivered. RJ
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