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  1. Hi All, Would anyone have any information on the airstrips at Fraser Island? I've flown to Orchid Beach before, but I'm talking about places like Tobey's Gap or Eurong. I can't find any information on any of them other than a satellite image. Cheers!
  2. Thank you both :) It seems I've gone from Archerfield to Gympie to Toowomba. And that's not even on a Nav!
  3. Hi guys, I know I'm not a GA pilot (yet. I only hold the RA-Aus certificate and, as of today, a pax endorsement), but my best mate and I are planning on going to the US to build hours, after I do gain my PPL in July. The problem is that the companies in Florida all use Piper Warriors (well, it's either that or a Cessna 150). So I'm asking if any of you folks know of any flying schools that will get me up to speed on the Warrior in preparation for an FAA flight review? Cheers in advance.
  4. Cheers, thanks. Well, I would extend my services as a "professional" aircraft cleaner, if it helps :p
  5. Hi guys (and girls), No doubt some of you know my desires to get my CPL (and if you don't, I want to get my CPL) - but rather than wait - and hence not fly - until July to get my Nav endorsement and RPL/PPL, I was wondering if there were any local pilots in Brisbane or the Gold Coast that would allow me to jump in their aircraft (with them onboard, of course) and go for a fly - even if it is just around the Hinterland or something. Sub-question: if another pilot is on board that holds a Nav endorsement, can I fly outside the 25nm radius? I figure it would work out cheaper than going t
  6. Cheers folks. I'm definitely going to do it now :D
  7. I recently obtained my RA-Aus Pilot Certificate after a bit of a runaround, and I have ambitions of gaining my Nav endo and CASA PPL over the uni holidays in July. The other day, at work, I stumbled upon the idea of getting an RA-Aus Instructor Rating in order to further my own knowledge of aviation, as well as pass on my passion (and, believe me, when I'm not at uni or work, I'm dreaming of being in the air) to other students, while also going for my CPL next year. The way I see it, if I have instructor hours of any type in my logbook, that can only be beneficial. It's important for me to
  8. I fly because I've always loved aviation. I took my first commercial flight at six, to Los Angeles. While, over time, my dream of flying did take a back seat to school and university, it never once died. I took a TIF last year, and was hooked. I dropped my Law degree and am now in my last year of an Arts degree, with 28 hours under my belt. I've always been keen to fly for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. And one day, I will.
  9. That's a shame, because it's a great thing to fly (if a bit costly).
  10. Avianca Flight 52 is a good example of when things go wrong and pilots simply can't say, "I NEED to do this NOW" to ATC. Seriously though I understand what you're saying, GAFA.
  11. Well, seeing as I want to do this for a career (and I'm deadly serious about it, it's what I've wanted to do since I was a kid), I would want to be a better pilot! As for the tailwheel advice, I might just heed that.
  12. That's a fair call, GAFA, but, looking at it now, the experience of learning to fly in Class D airspace should make it a little easier when learning CTA on the PPL side of things.
  13. GAFA - I don't believe it. I could've flown GA all along! That's what I'm paying now! Oh well. You live, you learn. The PA38 isn't a bad little aircraft, actually. I did a 30 minute flight out of YAMB during my time in the Air Force Cadets. I mean, I couldn't really judge much after 30 minutes, but nevertheless.
  14. Camel, what school is that? I don't care where it is and, hey, I'd be up for a long drive after the university semester finishes! I'd FLY, but even RA-Aus aircraft would be too costly to hire over a long period of time. Well, in one hit, anyway.
  15. Mate, I've told my current school of my goals and I'm making sure they train me to that standard. I'll tell the same thing to all the other schools I head to :) Thanks for the welcome. And you're right - I am in great company here! The advice I've been given is amazing.
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