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  1. The first Watts for Breakfast has just been announced here: http://www.wattsbridge.com.au/welcome.php, and the date(Sunday March 10) clashes with the Clifton Fly-in(also Sunday March 10). I, like many SEQ pilots, often go to both. Hopefully a solution will be found before both events suffer needless low attendances.
  2. The Queensland Country Life report clearly states he crashed in the Auburn State Forest, which is about 10nm to the south-west of the town and before he would get to Mundubberra, coming from WA. From this crash location, it looks like he was trying to make Gayndah, about 28 nm to the East, where there is fuel.
  3. Possum1

    gympie qld aerodrome upgrades

    The North Burnett Regional Council, nearby to the north-west Gympie, has just put in 4 weather cameras here at Gayndah Airport. They went live last Tuesday. If this council can do it, so can Gympie Regional Council instead of doing the above, which is really just maintenance dressed up as new work. Why hasn't this so-called expert put weather cameras at the top of the list for a Gympie Airport improvement? You people at Gympie Airport did have 2 cameras on Ben Quinn's Weathercam network site, but they only worked for a little while and have been off-line for a few years now. It would be nice to have the council pick up the tab for some new cameras which they would have the responsibility to maintain.
  4. Possum1

    Straddie Aero Club closes

    Stradbroke Air P/L, the lessee of Dunwich Airfield, North Stradbroke Island, held its first fly-in breakfast in November under the auspices of its new food business licence from Redland City Council. The Council confirms that, "Stradbroke Air P/L has undergone a food application licence process and currently holds a food business licence with Redland City Council." This is despite clandestine attempts to hold a fly-in breakfast without a food licence since the Straddie Aero Club was de-registered back in May 2018. The company has mysteriously acquired the old club's tables, chairs, umbrellas, fridge, urn etc. to use for its breakfast, which were supposed to have been donated to another club. Is this the only instance of a business conducting a fly-in breakfast in this country? It remains to be seen how this will continue with the new, expensive compliance costs and wages to be paid.
  5. Possum1

    Watts Bridge breakfast on Sunday

    I would say go to the one which is organised enough to at least have their breakfast fly-in listed on aeroclub.com.au and on their website. Not even a facebook listing for Wondai. Google can't find anything and the link to their website off their facebook page shows it does not exist anymore.
  6. Possum1

    RA Aus and landing fees

    M61A1. This is called inferring. RA-Aus will not give out any of the info details required on the Permission to Operate form . The Gympie council cannot obtain basic name and address info of an owner and operator for an RA-Aus registered plane from RA-Aus, but they can with a GA registered plane via the CASA website. I therefore infer that this council is getting rather sick of this attitude from RA-Aus and the details on the form is one way to go towards working around RA-Aus' lack of co-operation, but not a thorough way as many/most of visiting aircraft will not have applied for permission to land. As I mentioned before, it will also save them the clerical work of looking up VH-registered aircraft on the CASA website. "Council would like to better understand the types, numbers and frequency of aircraft movements at the airport" - quote from minutes of August 14 meeting between Gympie Aero Club and Gympie Council. I haven't seen the helicopter issue brought up anywhere in recent times except in the ERSA.
  7. Possum1

    RA Aus and landing fees

    Hopefully the councils will have someone with some business nous running their airfield and realise this. The amount of effort they will expend collecting individual landing fees for the return is ridiculous. They are much better off collecting on a wide variety of aviation related leasehold income which is predictable year in and year out and very cheap to administer. If they keep these leasehold rates reasonable, they will continue to attract hangar owners, businesses and services which will in turn, attract visiting pilots and passengers. The alternative is to drive customers away with charging landing fees for a has-been, wind-swept airfield with few facilities - my wife(co-pilot) mentioned dirty toilets - and vacant crumbling concrete slabs where once upon a time, there was aviation activity.
  8. Possum1

    RA Aus and landing fees

    Landing fees will become more common I believe. The thing is to keep some lid on the amount charged. Gympie council has identified RA-AUS "widespread avoidance and effort to use the fields while remaining anonymous." Fortunately, their PPR for the airfield appears in the last week to have morphed into an annual permit provided on application with no fee attached as yet. This removes their problem of identifying RA-AUS aircraft and the clerical work involved in tracking GA aircraft via the CASA website.
  9. Possum1

    Looking for trip ideas - QLD

    Caloundra, Toowoomba, Murgon, Gayndah, Murwillumbah, Biggenden... Straddie is a 6km walk into Dunwich via the road; 4km via the currently open bushwalk - archived link to map and track notes here (page does not exist on current website).
  10. Possum1

    Autistic/Aspergers Pilots

    Background noise can be a big problem for Aspergers people. One of the biggest problems I found was the noise of flying elderly GA flying school aircraft without a headset because the flying school did not want to pay for the intercoms. Fortunately/unfortunately, just as I was finishing my CPL, the flying school was given the quiet word from the powers that be to spend some money and put intercoms in all their aircraft. These days it would be rare to have an aircraft without one. On a 3-4 hour Nav, I found I put in a far better performance with my own headset, rather than a loaner or none at all. Make sure you have a good seal over the ears and you will be at peace with the world and be able to think clearly and concentrate on a quality flying performance. If you have foam ear seals, replace them with gel ear seals - Aircraft Radio at Archerfield has them for $29.(There is a trick to fitting them - turn them inside out first!) I agree with all of the above. Flaring takes practice, sometimes more than others. A slight lack of co-ordination compared with neuro-typicals may be the cause. You will get there. It will just cost you a few more flying lessons. Learning to ride a bike, then learning to drive a car took me more lessons and practice than other kids my age, so it was no surprise when flying took me a bit longer as well. Practice, Practice, Practice. On a quiet afternoon, just sit in the plane and mime your flight. It worked when I was learning to change gears in the car; It worked with the flying.
  11. Possum1

    Tell us about your last flight

    Regarding the Warwick CTAF, a lot of pilots forget or don't know that the discrete frequency is 127.85 and do all their calls on 126.7 instead. This could explain the silent C172.
  12. Possum1

    Throttle Lock for Sportstar

    If this is to comply with parking at a security controlled airport, I wouldn't bother. Just buy this trailer wheel lock http://www.supercheapauto.com.au/Product/AL-KO-AL-KO-Easy-Clamp-Wheel-Lock-650300/SPO3537948 from Supercheap Auto and lock it to the nosewheel. I don't know about the Sportstar but it easily fits without coming in contact with the wheel spat/fairing of our Piper. It has many other uses too from a chock to a waddy!
  13. Possum1

    Tell us about your last flight

    We also had the 160hp upgrade at the last engine overhaul of our Piper Cherokee Cruiser PA28-140 and it was well worth it. We went for a more modest upgrade of the TAS to 110 kts. An improvement in the take-off run and climb-out was what we wanted, especially out of airfields like Dunwich(YDUN) and Stanthorpe(YSPE), that we regularly visit. The propeller was tweaked coarse to get into the upper end of the static rpm range required by the RAM STC. In the climb, on a cold morning, the VSI will easily hit 2000 ft/min rate of climb momentarily before I lower the nose to a more sensible 7-800ft/min. One thing to be watched also on cold mornings is that the engine will easily red-line at straight and level to about 2850rpm and must be brought back manually to the 2700rpm limit. If you ever wish to sacrifice some speed for viewing fewer trees on take-off, Prop Care/ACS at Archerfield should be able to tweak the prop a little bit finer for you. I see you have what looks like Metco-aire Hoerner wingtips fitted. They will give you an extra 2-3 knots TAS as well as better aileron response and a slightly lower stall speed. Enjoy your little plane - we do!
  14. Possum1

    Straddie Aero Club closes

    The SGM was held today March 17, to decide on the club's future. There was an almost unanimous decision by voters to shut the club down. Three days before this meeting a formal search for the previous meeting's financial records revealed that the president of the club had taken a cash advance of thousands of dollars in payment to her company which runs the airfield against the next financial year's income of the club, then did not mention this had happened in her next year's financial statement currently before the meeting. The president then had her long-time solicitor, just an ordinary club member, chair the meeting instead of her or one of the committee members which is what usually happens. As a result the financial statement was briefly mentioned to have "anomalies", but not dealt with. Yes, the meeting was a pre-scripted circus!
  15. Possum1

    I want this job!!!!

    The insects seem to take it in turns to bite people at Dunwich Airfield. Over the summer, the March flies have been in residence. I expect after this rain stops, the mosquitoes will move in and when the westerlies start later in the year and combine with a high tide, we will get visits from the sandflies!