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  1. I've just discovered Oziexplorer for Android. But where can I get aviation maps for it?
  2. Swiss Jet Man Those RC turbines don't come cheap, so Swiss Jet Man's "plane" probably cost more than mine did. What is that wing thing that ozzie's avatar is flying? Can't see it clearly enough to tell. Derek
  3. Swiss Jet Man The Swiss Jet Man's kit looks a bit like Ozzie's avatar with shorter wings. What is that he's flying (or what is that flying him) Ozzie? Derek
  4. Swiss Jet Man I'd heard about this Buzz Lightyear-type flying gear but never seen it before. I wonder if he can actually climb with that tiny engine and those little wings, or only extend a glide? At least he wasn't crazy enough to try to land under power. That thing must have a really high stall speed! Derek
  5. Yeah. Allowing a property developer to manage an airport is like asking a fox to watch the hens. In this case, they were allowed to eat one (HP) if they promised to leave the other two (BK and CN) alone. One thing's for sure. Property developers have more money to donate than AOPA/RAAus does -- even if they tripled our annual fees to pay for it. Derek
  6. Flyer40, True, but the threats reinforced each other. In this case, I think the council (and the company they sold the airport to) colluded to use complaints about noise from residents as an excuse to close the airport and realise its land value. Council was allowing development to get closer and closer to the airport until it was right up to the airport boundary, so the outcome was foreseeable even though people who bought property there knew full well that it was going to be noisy and should not have had valid grounds for complaint. As you say, a council that was more aviation-friendly could easily have acted differently. Derek
  7. Ian, If you'd like to either post or PM me with some details about your museum/flying school idea, I think we might be able to get some synergy going. Regards, Derek __________________________ I'm not flippant, just irreverent.
  8. Kev, I've sent you a PM about it. Regards, Derek
  9. In the other thread ;) Oh, sorry, you mean where geographically? Yengarie, 15 km west of Maryborough on the Fraser Coast. Derek
  10. It depends where you work. Yengarie is a little far to commute to Bankstown ;) But (assuming you work in aviation) Maryborough Airport (15 kms) is planning a commercial pilot training school, Hervey Bay (45 km) has scheduled jet flights. Then there's Gympie and Bundaberg, also within easy fly-to-work distance. Derek
  11. Ah, the story of Hoxton Park, where I trained. That's the problem with suburban sprawl and living near a city. I don't think there can be any guarantees, but an airpark in a semi-rural area would offer better protection since there are fewer neighbours, more open space and less demand for housing subdivision. Derek
  12. Airpark I'm living in an airpark that has (or will have) - Size - 3-acre blocks (front cleared, backing onto bush) Price - $50,000/acre How many blocks - 10 blocks in Phase 1, maybe a Phase 2 with 10 more blocks Facilities - town (pop. 28,000) is 10 minutes drive Runway - 900m grass runway Maintenance fees - none yet (only for grass cutting, common facilities, etc.) Onsite LAME - one block owner is LAME/flying instructor Rules - no GA, owners' and guests' aircraft only Commercial entities - one kit manufacturer, possible ultralight flight school in future. Derek
  13. Airpark Doesn't it really come down a choice between : 1. a small club-style airpark built by a pilot wanting to share his dream -- with large residential lots, surrounded by greenery and country air, and a grass strip shared by a small group of recreational fliers who know each other; or 2. a large airport-style airpark built by a developer in it for the money -- with small residential lots, surrounded by concrete and exhaust fumes, and a sealed strip shared by hundreds of assorted users (including GA, commercial aviation and even scheduled jet flights)? I'm definitely going for the former. Hangar your plane where you'd choose to live, don't live there just because it's where you have to hangar your plane. Derek
  14. Airpark I know just the place ;) Will a 3-acre block be big enough for your museum and a 900m runway be long enough for your flying school? Derek
  15. Significant indeed. Have the recreational flying community reached consensus yet whether LSA represents a downsizing of GA or an upsizing of ultralights? This new development represents a further big step in that direction and the entry of "big names" into the arena will surely force many small manufacturers out.
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