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  1. Hello, did anyone end up having a copy of the P96 flight manual? Would love to get my hands on a copy Cheers
  2. Hey mate, Thats is bloody awesome and great pictures. Yer I cant wait to take my family up onces I have my Licence. Cheers for the comment buddy.
  3. Yer its was a wicked flight and I most certainly loved every minute of it. Well you never know after I get me pilot certificate I would love to fly a Drifter.
  4. Hello, I'm only new to all of this. Looking at starting my Recreational Pilot Certificate next month. I was wondering what is the best theory books to use to get my certificate? Is the DYSON HOLLAND -RA-AUS GROUND TRAINING MANUAL -BAK or BOB TAIT'S BAK FOR RA-AUS PILOTS best to use? Thank you in advance Jarrath
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